speed of construction of facilities on the moon.

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    • speed of construction of facilities on the moon.

      My proposal would be, instead of having a robot factory on the moons, so that with these robot factories build faster the lunar installations, better link the levels of robot factory and manufactures of nanobots of the planet so that they also have influence these levels in the constructions on the moon.

      Functional similar to the space dock, since it repairs the fleets depending on the level of the latter. Like having a moon dock. To also interact with the levels of robot factories and manufactures nanobots of the planet, affecting the construction times on the moon.
    • I don't really see why one needs such a fast production on a moon, you are pretty limited by the amount of fields you have anyway. Where is the need to construct a moon base in say a second? :D

      I for one never really get the robot factory very high, because all in all, it doesn't change that much and it just wastes fields that can otherwise be put in other buildings. But again that is just me, maybe there are different thoughts?
    • I would like things like this, but i have to say no for one reason.

      I think that the game developers just thinked the moon as a field where you need a specific amount of time to build what you "need". The robot factory and shipyard were only cause they understood that you need something to defend the moon, and doing it they got the "extra" derived from robot factory; less time to build things.

      The only thing i don't understand is....why shipyard?! Can't i build on planet and move ships to moon?! And if you put it anyway, why don't you give us even nanobots? Shipyard yes but nanobots no? Why....?

      So, if i have to say that something should change in the moon construction system that is that we should have nanobots instead of shipyard.
    • I forgot about it.

      What i want to say is that, allowing what the author asked is a little bit too much.
      Anyway my point of view is that the robot factory and the nanobots are the same, the difference is in the efficiency. So why don't we do as requisite of shipyard both? You need lv 2 robot factory or lv 1 nanobots to build up a shipyard.

      In this way we can remove robot factory from moon and add nanobots. More efficiency but with even an higher cost, like it should be for an advanced empire.
      Linking the moon with the planet structures, as i said, would be a bit too much.
    • TGWo wrote:

      nano request level 10 of robot

      for my opnion if you can add nano in the moon, you will be able to create a large bunker, so will become impossible destruction of moon
      That's why i think it shouldn't be connected to robot factory. But it is what it is, so we don't have many possibilities.

      In any case if the universe have debris on defence you will never see a large bunker. The most important thing anyway is that you can already create a large bunker on the moon if you want, the only difference is in the needed time to build defence, but this is not a problem, cause everytime the real "problem" for large bunkers are the resources needed to do it. So you need time, even if you could have nano at 10.

      Said this, what are your suggestion to improve the moon defence? Cause as it is now is really bad, and linking to the planet will result in too much good.