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    • I'm an italian player. I have tried to find this in the wiki but without success, and honestly i don't want to create an account in the english version of the game just to see this. I would appreciate really much if someone that play in an english version could write here (or via pm) the text (description) of these following technology;
      Laser Technology
      Hyperspace Technology
      Graviton Technology

      I'm asking this because i have something in mind but, before do something, i want to be sure about it.

      Ps: Anyway i think that the wiki should have the description of all things that are in the game; technologies, ships & co....
    • Hello, is very easy to start a new account with lobby. :)

      Tech Info: Laser Technology
      Focusing light produces a beam that causes damage when it strikes an object.

      Lasers (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) produce an intense, energy rich emission of coherent light. These devices can be used in all sorts of areas, from optical computers to heavy laser weapons, which effortlessly cut through armour technology. The laser technology provides an important basis for research of other weapon technologies.

      Tech Info: Hyperspace Technology
      By integrating the 4th and 5th dimensions it is now possible to research a new kind of drive that is more economical and efficient.

      In theory, the idea of hyperspace travel relies on the existence of a separate and adjacent dimension. When activated, a hyperspace drive shunts the starship into this other dimension, where it can cover vast distances in an amount of time greatly reduced from the time it would take in "normal" space. Once it reaches the point in hyperspace that corresponds to its destination in real space, it re-emerges.
      Once a sufficient level of Hyperspace Technology is researched, the Hyperspace Drive is no longer just a theory.

      Tech Info: Graviton Technology
      Firing a concentrated charge of graviton particles can create an artificial gravity field, which can destroy ships or even moons.

      A graviton is an elementary particle that is massless and has no cargo. It determines the gravitational power. By firing a concentrated load of gravitons, an artificial gravitational field can be constructed. Not unlike a black hole, it draws mass into itself. Thus it can destroy ships and even entire moons. To produce a sufficient amount of gravitons, huge amounts of energy are required.