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    • Oclock feature

      From what I understand from news 17.09- Beta system + Oclock feature , this System , is a new rss using notification of browser.

      So, as Rss gave big problems, because the players used it to know if they were being spied on (with systems that sent alerts on the phone) .......... with these notifications would have the same effect without even having to make complicated turns.

      I have always played like miners, so from a certain point of view I should leave the change indifferent, but I can not don't say that on the altar to introduce a comfort you add an other semplification of game adding an additional system for not having to do fleetsave and to be virtually non-attackable (I do not know what the situation was, but in Italy there have been many complaints and requests to eliminate the rss because every time you spied at a player, after a few minutes that logged).

      So I start soon to propose that this Oclock-feature don't work about external military missions (missiles, ship's attack, spy, moon destruction), but only about own fleets movements and incoming transport

    • If I remember correctly it doesn't give you these notifications automatically, you need to set them up one by one (haven't actually tested this feature yet, thats just what I remember from the how it should work some time ago).

      So no, it isn't like the RSS and warns you of the things the RSS did back in the days.

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      OGame-Tech Chief
    • and what is the different ?
      If i can set, want to say that every players will set to receive notification about missions arrived .......... so effect for me it is equal at old rss.

      The problem is not that with rss i were forced to receive warns, but that I could receive those kind of warns

      I don't say that the only way to attack someone is to spy and then start attack, but for sure it happen in the bigger part.
      So what will happen if player A has actived that kind of notification in his browser (especially in smartphone) ? Player B spy player A to check if there are resources or fleet .......... player A few seconds later, receive notification by his browser .......... so player A will login

    • 3 suggestions:
      1) to add a clearer form to set the date and time of the alarm (pushing in the field open a popup to set date by a calendar and set time)
      2) to add a button + next to any countdown in progress, so to add automatically the event at oclock copying also info about kind of event and the planet/moon
      3) to add in empire view info about any countdown and also in that place add same button + of point (2)