new planet defense structure

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    • new planet defense structure

      i have an idear on a new defensive structure to implement in any new universe space defense platform when destroyed it leaves a debris field but it should have the power to stop battlecruisers and you can only build 500/5000(to avoid over spamming) per plannet due to there size and power and you need grave-ton teck to build them

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    • well i think it should work as orbital defense should be able to work effectively with other defense and it would be ineffective against destroyers and deathstars (get people to use destroyers abit more in raids). The output in damage should be roughly 2000 and cost almost double resources of plasma defenses and 20k deut to build 1 i dont mind the devs to do a lot of changes to the idea to make it a lot more balanced oh and the debris filed should be the same as if a battle cruiser is destroyed.

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