Making life easier for raiders

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    • Making life easier for raiders

      So I was raiding today and I got to thinking, I use AGO and universe view which makes lists like this for me:

      Now what I have to do, every day, every day, every day, the process of spying 16 people at a time, and having the reports list out like that... than I have to click on each one, and go through the long process of sending a attack for each one. That takes like 2 minutes or slightly less per report... and I'm kind of a hardcore raider so I can easily send about 100 or more attacks a day... that seems like a lot of wasted time..

      Look at the picture, you can see in this example, this group of inactives I raided, all have about 1 million resources. average. Well what if I could say, select all of them, (16) at a time for me, and have an option to select the number of cargoes you want to send, in this case it'll be 200 small cargoes for every one, and then click attack. WAHLAH! How long does it take atm to click attack and go through the sending process for 16 reports 1 at a time? about 16 minutes.. it takes about 1 min per report. With my new system, if you could just select 16, and select a number of cargoes and click attack.. that's 1 minute for a whole full fleet slot.

      This system would work particular great for inactive raiders like me, who raid 100+ times a day inactive that often times have about the same resource count. And it saves a lot of time.

      So.. what do you guys think?
    • Personally i don't like because it is the street to ask to allow use of bot . You want to do 1000 attacks ? So you do 1000 operations ............ For what i think game should improve interaction with other active players, not to improve action with inactive, and passive action.

      Of course I understand that who play in that way, propose idea to spend less energy and time to do the same thing ........... but in provocative way I have a reflection ......... if we try to
      simplify every action in the game, to stay on the game less time, what prevents us from getting one day to let someone else play in our place ?

      If we think about it, there are already bots that make attacks ......... because there are those who use them? Because instead of struggling, I think the bot and I enjoy the result and the glory ......... but really this is playing? Are we really pleased to have made a thousand attacks without moving a finger?

    • I Do like this! I myself am also playing this way. I get my resources faster and this, would not only make it easier, but also reduce the server requests one have to send, doesn't it? Because it would be just one request, for all say 15 attacks. I don't know if this is worth it though.

      In general I would like this to be implemented, but it would not be a huge downfall if it happened to be declined. :)