Available Fields by The Undertaker

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    • Available Fields by The Undertaker

      Name : Available Fields by The Undertaker


      The Undertaker is here, and I will take control of your souls...

    • Hi Undertaker,

      please consider the following feedback:

      I think the @include statements in the sourcecode is too wide open. Can you maybe adjust them from being:

      Source Code

      1. http://*/game/index.php?page=*'
      2. https://*/game/index.php?page=*'
      to being

      Source Code

      1. http://*.ogame.gameforge.com/game/index.php?page=*
      2. https://*.ogame.gameforge.com/game/index.php?page=*
      as otherwise all kind of random websites would be affected by this addon?

      Additionally, apparently this addon shows "0NaN/span>" when the planet has no fields free. Can you check this?

      Thanks in advance!
      And thank you very much for creating an addon for the community and for submitting it for toleration here!
    • Hey!

      That's a nice and simple addition, and it makes it easier to keep track of all planet fields, well done :)

      Would it be possible to add some sort of toggle option for it to appear before/after the planet name?

      And perhaps another toggle between free slots/occupied slots?

      Former BA @ OGame PT
      Former BA @ OGame BR

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    • Hey!

      No problem ;)

      I wondered if it would be possible to have an "options menu" or something like that, where you would have 2 different options to choose:

      1st - Choose if you want the info appearing before or after the planet name.

      2nd - Choose if the info would show the number of available fields, or the number of occupied fields instead.

      Example: Let's assume a planet named "Test" with 200 total fields and 30 available fields (which means 170 occupied fields)

      Right now, the info appears like that: "30/200 Test".

      The first suggestion would make it possible to choose between appearing "30/200 Test" and "Test 30/200".

      The second suggestion would make it possible to choose between appearing "30/200" for available fields and "170/200" for occupied fields.

      In the end, there would be 4 different ways the information could be shown:

      1) 30/200 Test - Available Fields, Info Before Name

      2) Test 30/200 - Available Fields, Info After Name

      3) 170/200 Test - Occupied Fields, Info Before Name

      4) Test 170/200 - Occupied Fields, Info After Name

      Former BA @ OGame PT
      Former BA @ OGame BR