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    • Version 6.8.8 is now available in final version:

      [Feature] Sort coordinates in Panel and Spy table by distance (in colaboration with @Horcon)
      [Polishing] Removed Ogniter
      [Feature] Added native support for mmorpg-stat instead
      [Feature] Variable distance in Fleetsave routine
      [Polishing] Explicit 0s in task/routine settings are now supported
      [Bugfix] Fixed a bug in the background process that caused loss of data
      [Polishing] Added tooltip with resource composition in the "total" line in the spy table (thanks @Horcon)
      [Bugfix] Fixed a minor bug in the collect routine
      [Misc] Donation button in the AGR menu

      @Rabelais Just go to fleet movement page, that fixes the bug.