AGO v6 - up to date / maintained by RiV-

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    • AGO v6 - up to date / maintained by RiV-

      Hello friends of good taste,

      Since the development of AGO is not really progressing, I have decided to make my version available to the public with small bug fixes and keep updating it. For the most part, this will only be bug fixes, so that you can continue to use AGO without any problem. Nevertheless, I still have some ideas that I still want to incorporate, so you can still request features anyway. If I find the time, I will try to install one or the other feature.

      The files I will only make private available, so do not host on the official addon pages of the respective browser. If you have cause for mistrust, you are welcome to follow all changes on Github to see if any malicious code is added.

      Changelog v6.7.0:
      [Bugfix] Empire view fixed
      [Bugfix] Names of mines are displayed correctly (not as Geologist, etc.)
      [Feature] Spying out of the messages page also has the same speed adjustment as the galaxy view

      Compatible browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera

      Download AGO v6.7.0 for Chrome / Opera
      Download AGO v6.7.0 for Firefox
      (Left click on "Download" and "Save target as" - drag the downloaded file into the browser)

      For installation in Chrome:
      Display Spoiler
      1. Rename downloaded file from .crx to .zip (you should have activated file extensions: Link)
      2. Unzip the renamed .zip file to a folder
      3. In the Chrome menu, click More Tools -> Extensions
      4. Turn on developer mode in the top right corner
      5. Click on "Load unzipped extension" at the top
      6. Select the folder to which you have unzipped the .zip file
      7. OK

      Please use the Github repository to post feature requests and bug reports (click on "Issues" for that): GitHub repository
    • New

      AGO is now also available on the Chrome Web Store and on Addons Mozilla with the updated version.

      Download für Chrome/Opera
      Download für Firefox

      Also stop by the official AGO Discord server to be the first to get the newest updates and also test new beta versions before they are released to Final version:

      Current beta version's changelog:
      Display Spoiler
      [Bugfix] OGame not recognizing fleet after using auto-switch planets on Collect and Fleetsave routines
      [Bugfix] Not being able to send a fleet after auto-switch of planets
      [Bugfix/Polishing] Some optimizations and small bugfixes
      [Feature] Added research to the detailed report view in the spy table (
      [Feature] Added spy table to Favorites and Shared spy reports
      [Feature] Merchant button is highlighted if there is a new item in Import/Export