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      Good afternoon.
      As you know and we all suffer this, the GF creates new servers very often with very different qualities each universe. And there comes a time when we all play in almost all the universesof our country or continent, and there are very few new players that enter this daily experience.
      But at some point in the life of the server comes the moment that most players mainly with PURCHASED DARK MATTER put their account in eternal vacation modes, and also players who do nothave dark matter, put their accounts in infinite vacation mode only entering a certain time to do activity so that the rules of the game do not erase their account.
      And this happens more than it should be, that's why many universes are dead without activity, full of players on eternal vacations.
      Well my proposal is to modify this.
      For a float that they do not have who to hunt or a miner that has no where to collect resources from abandoned worlds, why not modify the part of the time that an account remains in vacationmode.
      Until now the vacation mode once activated does not let you remove it until after 48 hours, and from here you choose when to leave vacation mode. Well, my proposal is if instead of putting48 hours to disable this, remove this time and change the way to use this, and leave it at 96 hours or 72 hours of activation and past this time at 12:00 PM activate the account or remove the vacation mode automatically, alsothe voluntary way to leave vacation mode would continue, this would make the player to be aware of when his vacation mode expires, and other players be aware of which player left automatically in this way and be able to hunttheir fleet or collect their resources.
      This type of modification would affect both normal players and players with purchased dark matter, the latter being those who, even without entering their accounts, would continue to existuntil the end of time. And without changing the fact that they can not attack you in holiday mode and not change that while you are in vacation mode all mining activity and production of deuterium is stopped, nor does it changethe fact that you can enter the galaxy to see what there is, all of these would be the same.
      What do you think?
    • personally i think that for the major part of players, force them to play is the easier way to lose those accounts ................ said in other words, if you don't have time or boring to play what will happen if you cannot stay in holiday for all time that you want ?

      yes accounts in long vacation don't help universe, but at least you can hope that sometimes they will come back to play.

      Maybe could be better to introduce malus or bonus linked with time played. For example an account in holiday could lose xxx resource any hour (maybe after 48 hours of holiday that will have cost free).
      Or mining receive a bonus production for 1 week for any X days with vacation (for example 4weeks active, give 1 week of bonus). In this way you don't force nobody to stay out vacation, but give a disincentive to do it

    • mmm... it´s a valid point.

      From a player perspective, it would be great to make that accounts profitable. I would suggest that after 1 year of innactivity, that accounts turns into "i" and the faster one will be able to get their fleet and resources.

      On the other side, it sucks that you account ends in other hands... but after a xx amount of time (I would suggest 1 year) that account goes into inactive and loses vacation mode, it´s the best for the universe.
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      I give an example.
      Here in the servers of Mexico, we are few who play.
      The Leo universe has 155 players but more than 90% are in infinite vacation mode, and it is repeated in the more servers of Mexico, in the majority we always play the same ones.
      since we have several accounts in different universes and after a while we put infinite vacation modes
      successively a new server comes out, the truth bores to be in all the universes and only find you are most accounts in an infinite way of vacation.

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      It's a good idea, but the suggested time is short. There are also people who really go on vacation and it would not be just for 3 or 4 days.I suggest to continue with the established times and rules and when a vacation account enters (I), then automatically activate it.The other suggestion (from Charly) is also good. Every 2 weeks of uninterrupted activity, receive a bonus ... maybe 50% of the production of 1 week. So those who play to have mv, remove them for a quick attack and then return to mv, would not be considered as assets and would lose those bonuses that would encourage those who are active to continue. :stick: