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      I plan to create a mobile application. I inquired about the forum Ogame France, I was told that there was no problem. And I was redirected to the international forum for everything related to the API. I have several questions about this API. I found a lot of Github, but they do not really explain everything.

      How to include it in a project ?

      I have seen leading links to xml files where you have to edit the link to get some information, yet I have not been able to get the information from the Wezn server.
      How to do ?

      I saw that there was a file for the players, but it does not refer to password (for security of course), but how can I create a login system if the API does not have them password of the users?

      Thank you in advance for your answers, and sorry for my english which is approximate.
    • Hi @Hyperion,

      Welcome to Origin :)

      The first step would be to request an API Key for your API Calls ([New] API Key requests)
      What I'm not clear about is what's your goal... are you trying to create a API Wrapper, or collect/show statistics based on the player and make it Mobile friendly or you just want an OGame Mobile App like we have for iPad, which in this last case OGame API won't make any sense.
    • Hoi,

      sorry, but are you sure that you know what you are talking about? It really doesn't seem like you understood at all what the OGame API does, or what steps you would need to take to create a mobile application for a website at all.

      Besides that, your only option would be to create a proxy for the OGame website, replacing the HTML layout with a mobile App layout using some obscure HTML-parsing techniques. But regarding to the Terms&Conditions of OGame, this is not allowed at all. The first answer in your french thread ( board.fr.ogame.gameforge.com/i…Application-Mobile-et-API ) also points that out, and I don't know why they didn't close the thread right there. All other answer in that thread are just completely misleading.

      The OGame API (both the XML and JSON API) is not suitable for this. The current purpose of the API is to provide read-only access to different things (statistics, combat reports, etc) - not to make it possible to execute ingame-actions.

      So, sorry to say this, but what you want to do is neither possible in the way you wanted to do it, nor is it allowed in general.
    • Hi,

      Thanks for your answer @Charlie / @DeLord

      No the first answer in my french thread said that "It is forbidden to automate an action."
      I do not want to automate an action, I just want to create a mobile application that allows to play Ogame, better than the "mobile" version of the site.
      The Ogame API it's just a read only interface, i know, but i need just read information, in first step.
      And later in my first post, I said that I want to make a mobile application. And I was told "She (GF) absolutely does not prohibit the development of a third-party application, as long as you respect the basic conditions. (No notification, no automation, we do not hide the options paying etc.) "

      I have already developed several mobile applications for me or companies, but I just want to understand how I can exchange with Ogame data to launch a float for example.

      Obviously if it is just a misunderstanding, and it is forbidden to develop a mobile application, even if I saw on the Google Store, I would not insist.

      So is there a misunderstanding in my first post ? A mobile application is it prohibited ?
      And if not, how can I trade with the Ogame server?
    • In theory a mobile application, as a personal browser are proibited
      4.3 The user is prohibited, moreover, from running the online game on other programs apart from the internet browser or the supplied client program. This especially refers to bots or other tools that are designed to replace or augment the web interface. It is likewise prohibited to use scripts and programs that give the user an advantage over his co-players. This also includes auto-refresh functions and other integrated mechanisms of the internet browser to the extent these concern automated processes. Log-in is only permitted via the ‪Gameforge‬ Services and the third-party pages integrated by ‪Gameforge‬ (e.g. portals or social networks).
      Maybe you can ask that admin of Origin forward your request to Product Manager of Ogame, that can decide if GameForge is interested or no, and so autorizze or no.
      Of course an external application potentially could have access any dates of any players, so it is hard GameForge will autorizze.