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      Not to make commercial for another game, but there is another game out there, who sort of resembles Ogame quite a lot. Bots games came out around the same time too. The other game is called Tribal Wars. And while Tribal Wars has a lot of personal settings in the game, Ogame has close to none. In short, Ogame can learn a lot from Tribal Wars. Here is ONE of these things.

      While sitting others in Ogame is technically legal, one always feel looked ill upon when doing so. One might contact GO (as one is supposed to), but still it feels like an explanation for the sit is needed. Further more one has to give the account information to another, in order for that other to log into the account. That is by definition a truly unsafe method.

      In Tribal Wars however, one can chose a sitter through the InGame settings and one can restrict the sitters access. An account owner may not want a sitter to burn up DM, so this feature can be restricted for the sitter. When the sitter logs into his/her own account he/she will be notified of the sit and can open the other account in a new tab, without having the logininformation to that account, this information can not be changed while sitting. Any restrictions, like an account owner must log in between 2 sits and a period of at least 7 days interval between one end sit and another begin sit can be automated, so GO's won't grant access to a sit that technically isn't allowed (by mistake of cause) or NOT grant access to a sit, that should have been allowed.

      During special events there is a countdown until the event ends, I strongly suggest a similar countdown until the sit is no longer possible, just to remind the sitter to perform FS and other necessary actions before it's too late.

      In Tribal Wars a sitter may attack others, if my memory serves me right I seem to remember this is not allowed in Ogame (correct me if I'm mistaken). By simply making a sitting function it's much easier to restrict attacks on active players (I do believe attacks on inactive is legal, it should be anyways). A sitter can also perform FS on behalf of account owner. A sitter will allow an account owner to take a mini-break during a weekend and not lose out on production, with the risks this entails. It's like a "V-mode lite" setting, where the fleet can still be attacked, but attacking others can't be done (I'm not sure if a sitter is allowed ACS defend ally mates or not. But as attacking, this feature can simply be denied from server side if this is the case). As it is now a GO simply has to rely on the sitter to not do anything illegal, or go through a bunch of data manually (the GO's have much better things to do).

      Benefits with the Tribal Wars way:

      - A lot easier to have a sitter
      - A lot safer to have a sitter
      - GO's can monitor the sit much better
      - Illegal sitting behavior can be restricted and blocked server-side

      I suggest that a "Sitting setting" will be implemented, located in the same tab as where the V-mode is entered. The team could study the Tribal Wars method for some ideas, I kind of like that system and I do believe inspiration can be drawn from Tribal Wars.

      I have mentioned Tribal Wars quite a bit in this post, but do remember that it's Ogame I'm actually playing!... I just think some settings in Tribal Wars are made a lot better.
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      Here you have the "freedom of speech" as long as you say "everything is OK".
    • with new sitting lobby, it is not more need to use ticket . And of course with new sitting lobby you don't have to share login's date.

      I absolutely don't like your idea to use sitting to share account with someone (you called "mini-break").

      In my idea sitter should be able to open account active v-mode and left account doing nothing other (of course to be able to wait if there is an incoming attack and move resource/ships to escape). Instead the actual rule permit to continue to be active using only planets/s account

      3. Account Sitting

      Account sitting entitles a given player to have his account watched
      over. With the new Lobby System and the introduction of sitting tokens,
      there is no longer a need to inform a GameOperator about the sitting.
      An account may only be sat for a maximum period of 48 hours. The sitting
      period will be considered over if the actual owner logs in.

      While the account is being sat all attacks on other players are forbidden.

      It is only allowed to sit an account if the account was not sat in the
      last 7 days and the owner logged into the account after the last


      • No account may be sat during the first 3 weeks of a new universe.---> It is now allowed to sit an account even if the universe is new.
      • The sitter may also:
        -place an account into vacation mode.

      • The sitter may not:
        - ACS attack/defend and Moon Destruction, Espionage, IPM attack .
        - remove an account from vacation mode.
        - change any personal account information (examples: email, password, nickname).