OGame infographic contest

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    • OGame infographic contest

      Dear players,

      I propose a contest where you are invited to present an infographic about ogame. It can be anything like how is a day for you playing OGame, how is your life with OGame , how you hunt down your enemies or about how you prioritize your mine construction etc

      Each game has its own strong points and is addressing a specific category of players. Best way to advertise a game is to address and attract the players most likely to love the game, not just any player. Maybe from this contest some bright ideas may come out.
      Maybe this can give the development team what are the most valued features of the game, what makes the players come back to it over and over again and form there a better and targeted advertisement for Ogame

      examples of infograms


      Each participant can submit as may infograms as he can. He will post only one infogram at a time.
      Each infogram will receive likes , the winner will be selected from the most liked infograms.
      No hate content, racist, obscene images or text is allowed. Please use English text , if you use other language, you may not get enough votes.

      Submissions start : 1st June at 00.00, ends 30th June at 23.59 ( board time)
      Voting is continuous and ends 22nd July at 23.59

      Prizes :
      1st ....10 euro
      2nd and 3rd ...3 euro

      Discussion here

      Entries are here