Moon Mining Rig

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    • Moon Mining Rig

      Moon Mining Rig


      It has been known for quite a long time that moons, just like any other objects in space, may contain valuable resources that can be mined at greater expense than regular mining, which is done on planets.
      Though it has been considered not as profitable as planet mining, recent discoveries have yelded a surprising result: metals, crystals or deuterium are really not worth the hassle, but Dark Matter is.
      With the help of extremely powerful lasers and a graviton field, Dark Matter can be harnessed from the moon's core. The bigger the moon, the better the results.
      Although it still comes at a high cost, it is considered to be very profitable, specially for large empires.
      Unlike planet mining, which is allowing the hourly production of resources, Dark Matter moon mining, only allows for one shipment every 24 hours due to the increased energy requirements of the Graviton Fields.


      Laser Technology - 15
      Graviton Technology - 1
      Robotics Factory - 2
      Shipyard - 1
      Energy - 5000 per level


      Level 1 - 100.000.000 Metal, 200.000.000 Crystal, 100.000.000 Deuterium, 5.000 Energy
      Level 2 - 200.000.000 Metal, 400.000.000 Crystal, 200.000.000 Deuterium, 10.000 Energy
      Level 3 - 400.000.000 Metal, 800.000.000 Crystal, 400.000.000 Deuterium, 20.000 Energy
      Level 4 - 800.000.000 Metal, 1.600.000.000 Crystal, 800.000.000 Deuterium, 40.000 Energy
      Level 5 - 1.600.000.000 Metal, Crystal, 1.600.000.000 Deuterium, 80.000 Energy

      Maximum level - 5
      Construction Time - 1000 Hours at level 1, increasing by 25% each level. (Construction speed for x1 Eco with Robotics Factory at Level 2)
      Production - (( Moon Diameter / 500 ) * MMR Level ) + 20
    • New

      I sort of like the idea, but there is NO WAY it's going to happen the way you proposed it.

      The biggest possible moon in the game will by you'r formula give 909.312 DM per day (at lvl 1), now imagine having 12 moons!! NO WAY will GF allow this!

      There might be a chance if your mine would produce 1-5% of what you suggest. But chances would be slim at best.

      I do like the relative long construction time. It's a lunar building and should take quite some time to complete.
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