GDPR 25 May

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    • GDPR 25 May

      Hi everyone,

      Just want to know if any other developers busy changing their website for the upcoming GDPR regulation in the EU?

      If you for instance save personal data like, email addresses, socio demo's you should have a privacy policy. One other important thing that's maybe more in place for tool devs, if your website/tool saves cookies on a user his computer with for instance Google Analytics, Ad providers, PayPal donation buttons, Facebook SDK, ... than you should have a cookie consent where the user must be able to select if he wants to enable those cookies. If not, you're not allowed to execute those service, well actually you can't allow them to save cookies, which mostly just means not adding the service as they will most definitely place a cookie.

      This is not the most fun thing but apparently it's mandatory for users in the EU. :dash:

      An example for a privacy and cookie policy can be found here:
      These policies are generated by, you can generate yours on that website. Or copy mine and change what's needed (just make sure to change UniverseView, to your tool name)

      I'm still working on the cookie consent pop-up, if I've implemented it, I'll post it.

      Also always open for suggestions or corrections :)

    • Hey,

      That's true, it's a good idea to have those on your website. In my team we will also need some kind of Privacy Policy and T&C I guess because we are making an Android app as a school project and it needs to be GDPR compliant.

      It has been hard to get into GDPR and figure out how to make an app that is GDPR compliant. But the website for making those looks useful, thank you for posting it, I will have a look at it :D
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    • My best guess would be to check the cookies your website stores via the inspector in Chrome, Firefox, ... and search for them and the services you use on the internet to check the complaince with GDPR.

      This is also a usefull website, it also shows a good example of a cookie consent the first time you visit it.

      And basically if your website uses cookie you need to have a cookie consent and if you store personal data you need a privacy policy. For instance Google Analytics stores the _ga cookie which is considered personal data, except if you set the cookieExpires property to 0.
      A good replacement for GA could be as it has a self-hosted option and allows you to disable cookies etc...