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    • Research - Advanced Research Division


      After the acclaimed discovery and implementation of the Intergalactic Research Network, Emperors all around the Universe still saw that their Researches took too long to complete so they formed an elite team of scientist that were focusing on discovering faster researches to further increase the development of their empires with faster engines, advanced armor, shield and weapons, and even ways to expand their territories.

      At the beginning of the project they didn't get any results but soon they discovered that by further researching other technologies, they could easily make way for new discoveries and quicker researches. A lot of computing power was necessary so the first obvious choice in the development process was the Computer Technology which triggered another discovery: The AI (Artificial Intelligence). This discovery automated the research projects and cut down every research time in half.

      Research Lab: Level 15
      Computer Technology: Level 18
      Intergalactic Research Network: Level 9
      Total Research Lab Levels: 150

      Research Costs:
      Level 1: 50.000.000 Metal, 100.000.000 Crystal, 50.000.000 Deuterium
      Level 2: 100.000.000 Metal, 200.000.000 Crystal, 100.000.000 Deuterium
      Level 3: 200.000.000 Metal, 400.000.000 Crystal, 200.000.000 Deuterium
      Level 4: 400.000.000 Metal, 800.000.000 Crystal, 400.000.000 Deuterium

      ---- Research Costs Double on each Level.

      Research Times (based on x1 speeds):
      Level 1: 36 hours
      Level 2: 36 hours
      Level 3: 36 hours
      Level 4: 36 hours

      ---- Research Times Remain the same on each level and only reduce IF Research Lab is upgraded and/or IRN receives more Research Lab Levels from more planets (including IRN Upgrades).

      ----- NOTES -----

      The minimum requirements are made for players above 15.000.000 Points (not including fleets). I believe that's the point when researches start taking ages to complete.
      I mentioned AI. That could be introduced as a standalone research if needed. As for the benefits, i'll have to think about it. If it would increase fleet slots, it has to cost minimum as much as Computer Technology lvl 19 to be viewed as the next step in the upgrade process.