Easy recall method

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    • Easy recall method

      As you can see, there are the option to the right to probe/mail players. But I'l love to make the "Fleet Number" to the left to a "Recall" option. I know that there will be a problem with "Deploy" missions as they don't have a Fleet Number. But perhaps a "Recall" icon could appear in it's place and the Fleet Numbers change into that icon "on hover"??

      The reason: I simply just HATE the way one has to recall missions now. I complete lose track of the fleets I have to recall and those I don't have to recall. This listing is much better and being able to recall from here would really help me a lot. I hope others can see the benefits in this as well (since you liked my previous suggestion about Fleet I, II and II page :) )

      The reason I want to make the "Recall" option to the left and not group it with the other functions to the right, is that people might hit the "Recall" button by accident (not ideal on a timed attack).

      With the "Deploy" missions the "Recall" icon could be somewhat transparent, like the returning fleets, and then become visible 100% visible "on hover".

      I imagine that the Fleet Numbers would simply change into the "Recall" logo "on hover".

      - Molle
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