Bulk update for militar constructions

    • Fleet, Defense and Combats

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    • Bulk update for militar constructions

      The idea is pretty simple. Let's say you have tons of resources and you want to create tons of ships/defense or you had an awesome attack and you want to recover from it asap.

      If you use Dark Matter, you can speed up. But always one at a time. E.G: 9999 LF you have to click two times in order to speed it up. Now, let's say you sent 500.000 LF to your shipyard queue. And if you want to speed up, you actually need to click tons of time. (Action to speed up + ACK) * 2 = 9999 LF --> 4 clicks per 9999 LF --> 200 clicks for your shipyard queue.

      So what about being able to speed-up all the ships at once, or at least all the ones that are of the same type and are contiguous in the shipyard queue? That would make pretty fast.

      Another way could be to remove the limit of 9999 ships/defense, but this makes sense in case of an attack, where it takes you longer to waste that resources if you are not able to transport them on time. Still... I have seen players waste all at the auction house to avoid the attacker of stealing their resources.

      Let me know what do you think about this :)
    • hahaha, it's a valid point.

      Maybe the shipyard limit could increase when the top 1 pass certain score or it just increases overtime. What I mean, it must be fair for both sides, GameForge wins money with Dark Matter we all know that, this won't affect any lose/win. But maybe as you said, this could be only available if you have all Officers active or maybe you need to pay more.