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    • Right now i feel like the bomber is really not used much. Yes early it's used a bit, but once you get Graviton and such, it becomes sorta obsolete. The problem is that early game it's quite expensive to make and fly, mid game is somewhat ok, but you have better options and late game it's RIP time, so it doesn't get enough attention.

      My suggestion involves buffing the bomber to help clear out more def, cause right now it feels like it doesn't clear out enough considering it's a BOMBER.
      Right now it has this:
      • Rapidfire against Rocket Launcher: 20
      • Rapidfire against Light Laser: 20
      • Rapidfire against Heavy Laser: 10
      • Rapidfire against Ion Cannon: 10
      Which is a bit on the meh side considering its primary role is to bomb the living crap out of defence.
      My buff would look like this:
      • Rapidfire against Rocket Launcher: 30
      • Rapidfire against Light Laser: 30
      • Rapidfire against Heavy Laser: 15
      • Rapidfire against Ion Cannon: 15
      • Rapidfire against Plasma Turrets: 2

      Since its main role is to bomb, let the poor guy bomb, i wanted to add PTs to the table cause later on in the game they can become a pain in everyone's butt. As a turtle you need to spam PTs and fodder and you're good to go. Bombers can't do anything against a turtle, only RIPs can. Bombers are basically there just cause a gap needed to be filled.
      Was also thinking we could buff the heavy laser and ion cannon rapidfire more and keep the RL and LL rapidfire the same/lower it, so you'd ''need'' to add DDs and CRs to help with the raid, but i want them to have the RF against PTs, cause it would actually make them somewhat viable later in the game aswell.

      Thoughts on the buff?
    • I'd choose the following adjustments to go with:
      • Rapidfire against Rocket Launcher: 25
      • Rapidfire against Light Laser: 25
      • Rapidfire against Heavy Laser: 12
      • Rapidfire against Ion Cannon: 12
      • Rapidfire against Gauss Cannon: 2
      • Cargo capacity: 625
      • Fuel consumption: 800

      And then see how remarkably it affects combats on Live servers. :)

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