Discussion : Best Alliance page - OGame wide Contest

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    • Good Erikfyr!, that's what I meant concretely. I seem great, more people know the existence of the contest more probably to participate.

      But ... as I am a "mosca cojonera" (difficult an English translation of that Spanish expression, it could be "fly in the ointment, irritating", I am thinking that to be able to present the page of the Alliance to the contest it would be necessary to have an account in the forum.origin.

      Could a solution be found so that the pages can be presented in the national forums, in threads created for that purpose and then somebody in charge of the team "transfer" them to the forum.origin?, or, as an alternative, could someone with an account in the forum.origin present an Alliance page on behalf of someone who does not have an account?.

      More questions, the pages of the Alliance have to be active?, I mean ... if I have an Alliance page expires (don´t work link to pictures, etc.) or it does not work well, I could create another and submit it to the contest without being the "official" of that Ali?.

      (Thought: you are going to hate me, hahahaaaa).

      Long days and pleasant nights.

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    • Many entries seem to be overloaded in my opinion, but as many people do it, its probably more liked.

      Overall you can see some great work and thoughts into many of these.

      Whats up with the turkish one?
      Broken link?

      The prices are sponsored by the volunteers?
      Guess that would get more traction if we had some better prices. First reaction I got uppon sharing to another leader
      "Why should I do it? If you wont win, its not worth the hassle"

      May I ask how many participants changed/adapted their page for the contest?
    • I totally agree with scorer ;)

      If there is an ad directly in ogame, this (and future ones) contest will get lot more attention =)

      Im happy to get a chance to get a little price for the work i´ve put in the site, and (for me) its enough if other players just write "wow..nice...or smth"

      But i think if there´s a reward for the first 10 places, many others will decide to join the contest...

      1. ......... 10€ Coupon and Ogame shirt( or other merchandise), maybe with a "1st at Alliancepage Contest" - print on it
      2. ......... 8€ + merch
      3. ......... 5€ + merch
      4-10. .... 3€ coupon for each.

      Just a suggestion ;)

    • dosenhamster wrote:

      i dunno why, but the pics on my site stopped showing up.. =(

      the links are okay, i´m able to view every single pic by following its link...but it still shows up as "ungültige grafik" -> "invalid graphic"

      any ideas ?afaik this happened to some other allysites aswell some days before :/
      Some are broken for me too. Make sure that you dont have images from postimage.org on your page, if you use them, change the .org to .cc . Their .org domain is broken, but all images are available under the same link on the .cc domain. Also if you use "hizliresim.com" as hoster, they don't work anymore in germany.

      Origin Admin
      Ogame-Tech Chief
    • I'm honestly struggling on how to start about how bad the choosen voting system is.

      In an user perspective, all the meritocracy that could exist on the contest is thrown in a dumpster. By putting the voting system in an external page with zero connection to the board, to the alliance pages in contest, to OGame or Gameforge itself, the vast majority of the voters couldn't care less about the pages: they will vote on the option that their friends asked them to do.

      And whoever has more friends / contacts / VPNs will win. The content of the pages, their creativity (or lack of) won't matter a bit. For what's worth, the contenders could have just put a giant poop emoji in the middle of the page that their chances of winning would be exactly the same.

      Incredibly as it seems, it's also bad for Gameforge as they are wasting all the marketing potential that's intended on this community contests. The poll is on an external service where nothing about OGame, other games or Gameforge is shown. People who will vote will have no idea what OGame or any other game is. Gameforge is not even collecting emails (like board registrations) to send some newsletter and game promotion in the future. Zero, zilch, nada.

      No offense but seems like you people, not only have no idea about what you're doing, not only couldn't care less about anything, but are actually making things on purpose for your users and costumers see that you don't care at all. And if that is the goal, good job.