Expeditions are way to low

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    • Expeditions are way to low

      When looking at what profits are possible in universe based on farming inactive players, not to mention anything better expeditions are riddicoulos.
      One would expect that expeditions should be in average at least 50% better then average inactives based that they actually spend more time in air then what inactives bring, like this expeditions are completelly useless and are not ballanced at all with other gameplay...
    • Back a few years ago when only x1/x1 universes existed, expeditions yielded pretty decent amounts of resources and everyone always had all expeditions slots filled. Now most servers have an eco multiplier so expeditions are less interesting.

      A simple fix would be to multiply the resources found by the eco multiplier. I don't play universes with more than x1 fleet multiplier so if scaling expeditions with economy is overpowered, maybe multiply it by max(eco, fleet) instead.

      Also, since it's a game about careful planning, I'm convinced the "fleet delayed" and "fleet accelerated" events should be removed from the expeditions possible results. It's just annoying.

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