[Spoiler] Sitting in the Lobby

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    • [Spoiler] Sitting in the Lobby

      as we continue to work on the Lobby, we have more news for you.
      After collecting feedback from all OGame communities and evaluating the requests, we decided to include a "Sitting Feature" in the Lobby before releasing it into the live servers.
      This Sitting function will grant temporary access to another player to be able to take care of any game account you select from your Lobby.
      You will be able to grant access game accounts you select on your Lobby through a token.
      As soon as we have a release date, we will inform you!

      Sitting Function:
      • A “Sitting” button will be added to the Settings menu of your lobby.
      • You can select any existing game account in your Lobby to be added to a sitting token.
      • Each token will only work once.
      • The token does not have an expiration date (it will be active for as long as it has not been used in any Lobby).
      • The sitting will start once the token is introduced in the Lobby account and the person doing the sitting loged in the game account itself.
      • A new menu will show up once a token is introduced listing the game accounts under a sitting.
      • The sitting will be interrupted if : the owner enters his game account even if the sitting did not expire or if the sitting time runs out.

      Note: The alliance and the rank of the accounts will not be visible in the first version. This will come in a future version of the Lobby.