Debris after moon destruction and occupation of the moon

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    • Debris after moon destruction and occupation of the moon


      I would like to share some ideas of game improvement. As long as I playing this game I noticed few things.

      Debris after moon destruction and occupation of the moon

      This would help to get more resources if the player is not a warrior and do not want to attack others. There are lot's of inactive players so them moons could be good debris sources. Also if player is inactive for a 15 days, there could be possibility to occupant and use inactive player moon.
    • I don't think that could exist someone that send 1 rip in mission moon destruction to win 2kk of debris (or also less for moon smaller).
      At unless you had in mind that the moon was born from a cr with 400 million debris (which currently count as 2 million), if it is destroyed it causes 400 million of debris to appear in space.

      About second part of idea, did you think about how other players could understand that a moon is occupied ? Also this idea, change completely game and need a balance
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    • Well, I sent rip to destroy inactive player moon, if there would be debris it would be great. Not all moons could left debris, sometimes no debris, sometimes less, sometimes huge.

      Secondly, players won't be able press "occupy" button if there is already occupied moon. For keep balance, maybe only those who have a rip can proceed this action.