Concept: PVE Mission + Extra new stuff

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    • Concept: PVE Mission + Extra new stuff

      Hi There,

      I like Ogame a lot but i find it too PVP and too much focus on building fleet and fighting.
      I would like to see things like Mission, humanitarian and Fight related.
      For my example i used an Fight Mission.

      PVE Mission System:
      In short, you can go on missions and complete them.
      Instead of PVP you get a more PVE option to do.
      at this moment you build something and need to wait until its finished wy not have a mode that you can do while you wait.

      Here i wil give a example of an PVE mission story

      Mission 1: Scout an unknown system
      Difficulty: Easy
      need: Build 25+ scouts and send them to the system.
      Reward: ... Research Points/EXP ... LVL exp ... Resources.

      When they start the mission the mission it self will take for example 5 minutes to scout a hole system.
      When the mission is completed the can click on it and an screen will pop up and tell them what they have discovery in the mission, like story telling.
      Then a reward will be displayed at the bottom with claim reward button.

      The story they have seen on mission one will unlock mission 2 in the story.

      Mission 2: Pirate Outpost
      Difficulty: Medium
      Need: To defeat the outpost Build An Fleet ( this could be a combined Damage for Succes for example 10 light 5 heavy and 1 cruiser will make 45% change to success if you do 4 more cruisers it's 60% for example)
      Reward:... Research Points/EXP ... LVL EXP ... Resources.

      After they have completed this mission there will be a story to and so on there can be more missions on that story.

      you have have multiple type of missions from Fight to humanitarian missions to construction mission.

      Now i will tell you a little more about the following.

      - Research Points/EXP
      - LVL EXP
      - Resources

      Research Points/EXP

      Research Point are point you get from completing Story line mission, daily missions en more.
      With those point you can unlock special new features to your account .
      For example you can unlock an Mining ship.
      Than you can build the Mining ship in your shipyard
      that ship you will need for the mining daily missions to unlock.
      after you unlocked this mining ship you can add more points to this Research to Level up you Mining Ship so it can store more resourches
      for example tier 1 mining ship can cary 2500 cargo and a tier 2 mining ship can carry 5000 tier 3 10.000 so on to tier 5 or maybe higher
      every tier will cost way more research point to do and resources to complete.
      for example

      TIER 1: 10 points and ..... Resources.
      TIER 2: 50 points and .... Resources
      TIER 3 100 points and .... Resources

      But than for example you can also have different tiers of mining lasers to improve the % of resourches and type of resourches you can get plus the time it takes the mining ship to get them.
      for example:

      Tier 1 Laser: Normal resourches ( Metal, Crystal) Mining time: 1000 resourches an Hour
      Tier 2 laser: Normal Resourches ( metal Crystal) Mining time: 2500 resourches an Hour
      Tier 3 laser Normal and Rare Resources ( Metal, Crystal , Deut ) Mining time: 3500 Resources an Hour
      Tier 4 laser Normal and Rare Resources ( Metal , Crystal, Deut ) Mining time: 5000 Resources an Hour
      Tier 5 laser Normal, Rare and Special Resources ( Metal, Crystal, Deut and Gems) Mining time: 7500 An hour and the change of 2% of finding Gems

      So on and So on also the idea with points and resourches as the mining ship idea.

      This in only 1 of many Research idea's i have that can be implemented in The PVE Missions and improve the gameplay for more fun next to waiting for a building, fleet or research to be done.

      Next up :

      Leveling EXP

      What is Leveling EXP it speaks for it self you Get EXP like in MMORPG to lvl your Character ( emperor )
      Its like this you grow in levels and when you reach a level new thing will be unlocked.
      this can be a new tier of research or new type of missions.

      For example:
      To stay in the mining idea.
      You have daily missions you can do like mining.
      You start at a small mining beld for lvl 1 to 10 this belt you can mine in for 2 hours at a time with no treath of anything but you can only find here metal and crystal in small amounts.
      now you are lvl 11 and you can go to the medium Belts but look out here you can find some rebel pirates lurking for you.
      But now you can also find Duet here in small amounts and medium sized rock of metal and crystal.
      one down side you could get attacked here so take some Fighters with you to protect your fleet of mining ships.

      Also with the correct lvl and research in to mining ship you can have more than 1 mining ship.
      Lvl 1-10 1 mining ship
      Lvl 11 - 20 2 mining ships
      Lvl 21 - 30 3 mining ship.

      So on till lvl 100 for 10 mining ships but you need to have tier 10 research in mining ship could be an option.

      Metal, crystal and Duet are the resources you have for building on you planets now
      With Gems you can unlock different tier of gems like Sapphire, ruby, diamond or other Gem names.
      With those Gems you can do special type or researches like the Mining Laser Researches and for every tier you need a different type of Gem and amount of the Gems.
      and you can ad more resources if you can find nice ideas for them.

      I know i have been focusing a lot on the mining part but it was the most easy to explain.
      I have way more ideas and Story's , daily mission and so on and so on.

      I think this could change the way we play o game and make it more active and more fun to play.
      When a Game forge Admin/ Developer reads this i would love to help out in creating this if you like my other ideas and help in making Ogame even more fun then it allready is.

      Leave comment on what you guys and girls think about this idea and who know maybe you guys and girls have extra ideas that could work in this concept

      Kind Regards,

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    • I like idea to insert in the game pve missions, and the concept of exp . But I like few the way you thought to implent it ........... if I didn't understood bad your examples, there isn't strategy to use, there isn't real difficult to do them, there isn't way for player to different from an other player by his skill ......... and maybe more important, seen an implementation for nerding extreme.

      For that I understood by your example, there isn't a big difference from actual expeditions, but with important difference in duration (expedition need middle-long time depending in speed of universe; you talk about mission that request 5 minutes).

      So I think that could be increased concept of expeditions, with more effects, with to get exp, finding puzzles to create/increase research/ships, etc .
      But for my idea need also that this new kind of expeditions don't be an easy select and send , but that for example researchs, ships used increase/decrease probability to success ........ so you could have to decide if you want engine combustion level X or level Y , because level X will help you in expedtions, while level Y will help in normal farming/attack......... etc . In few words introduce something that don't give only positive effects, but also can give malus ......... in this way you will have to find a your balance, depending in as you play (so to have more different players, and no all equal players).

      Actually when you have to attack active players (but in particular casesalso inactive players) you have to study them, to think a strategy, to organize, etc .......... ; to have same conditions in pve missions could be hard, but I think something is possible , instead to a easy "GO".

    • I like the idea, but... i see it something diferent...i was thinking that GF can creat a new panel or menu name it "Mision or Quest" that when you click it, it show you a list with quests(depend of you lv of expedition) that you can do it, like: attack , spy, scout, find or any else, as @TGWo something more than send a fleet, i got the idea how it work, maybe i will try to make it and post here.

      Edit: Something like that can make that new players come to our differents community of ogame :growup: