Removing Auction and changing it to a user item sales platform

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    • Removing Auction and changing it to a user item sales platform

      Simply put remove the auction as it is
      then open it up so players can post items they have extras of to sell to other players but place limits based off the import export items or daily item so players wont over charge for an item so basicly let them charge from 0 to the average daily item cost for an item and no more than that based on the item.
      and they can list item Gold nutron for sale prefer crystal and have some tags they can add that simply reads as In game trade offer buying metal/crystal/deut/ so three tags for in game trades that can be listed just below the offered item buy the players
      and once every seven days the sales board gets cleared out like debrie fields the players that have items listed can get a message saying your item gold Nutron sold for x amount metal/ crystal or deut.
      and the resources gets automaticely added to the sellers acc.
      when the sales board is cleared out all players with items up for sale get a message that reads market cleared please repost any items you had listed for sale.
      and players looking to buy an item there can scroll through the entire list of items for sale. after buying an item that buyer gets a message that reads thank you for your purchase please return after while to view more items for sale so other players can buy some of the items as well the time between buying items should be 1 hour. to 1 and a half hours.
    • Ok so here is a more reasonable change I hope
      was replying to another user. C+P my reply

      True this is about auctions and the reason for the set time of the auctions is some where in the faqs and guides some where been awhile since I looked it up

      basicly its a cool down period if i remember correctly. Now as a player I think a fair compromise would be.
      auction runs for 3 hours while selling an item every 10 to 15 minutes with a 5 minute cool down period in between items after 3 hours the auction shuts down for an hour to cool down or rest.
      after an hour the auction would start again. But when a player wins a bid they have to wait one hour to bid again giving most all players a chance to get in on the auction.
      and would accommodate most all time zones as well.

      but that's just my thoughts as a player .