Bip Chat

    • Bip Chat

      • Info: Bip Chat play sound when you have new private message.
      • Author: Valmone
      • Ogame: 6.1
      • Website: No website.
      • Support : JHere and on the french board.
      • Download : link censored in waiting of validation
      • Screenshot : See Below.
      • Browser : Chrome (Tampermonkey), probably on Firefox(Greasemonkey).
      • Compability : Every scripts for the moment.
      • Languages : French & English.

      Bip Chat is a simple script that make sound when you receive new private message.

      Since Ogame 6.1, script miss out message few.

      Like it, you can surf on the web and reduce your number when you check your box. Even if lot of people use Skype, Discord, and other.

      Thank you :)

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      Changelog 1.2 wrote:

      • We can switch on and off sound when you want
      • Languages: French & English.


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    • I received a suggestion (by DeltaT)........... in your actual code, if you don't read message, script will continue to bip ........ so if your script will be validate, maybe you need to improve code, or add a setting.
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