Opt-out of live processing of messages

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    • Opt-out of live processing of messages

      Hi, I think I might have made the suggestion some time ago, sorry if it's a duplicate

      I would LOVE to see an option to disable “live processing” of battle messages. It is quite annoying for me to spend minutes and minutes on messages page waiting for each message to be processed (and get the info back at the moment of the profit from that message).

      The ideal behaviour I can imagine would be to be able to send all messages from each page in one click, and then just forget about them in a matter of seconds, and then let TopRaider work at its pace, without needing to wait for it, and may be come back half an hour later to the webpage to see the information about profits.

      Are there any problem with this suggestion? Could this be implemented?

      Thanks, and, as always, amazing work!
    • But I have to wait for topraider to process all those messages. I click there and I don't want to wait in that page until the number increments from 0/50, 1/50, 2/50, …, 49/50, 50/50. And each message is processed live: the API is sent, processed in topraider, and I'm given back the profit from that API.

      I would love to have all the APIs at once (this could take a second), and then let TopRaider process them whenever he wants without me waiting for it.