Reserach, Stuff Bug

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    • Reserach, Stuff Bug



      I have found an interesting bug. Let's see Spy Report sr-no-106-e106e70ba506c3b169e3b31528948d37b43a8de5

      Espionage Technology 1
      Computer Technology 3
      Weapons Technology 2
      Armour Technology 3
      Energy Technology 2
      Combustion Drive 4
      Impulse Drive 3
      Laser Technology 4
      Astrophysics 3

      Can someone expain how it is possible to have Astophysics with Espionage Technlogy only on 1st lvl?
      Normally we need 4th lvl.
      When Stuff is active we get 3 lvls more to spying, but it shouldn't be used to unlock other research.

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      for that i remember, it is not a bug, but the normal effect linked with "Stuff" .

      But personally i think you have right when you tell that bonus could not have effect to unlock research, buildings, or ships
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