New Merge Script New Rules?

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  • New Merge Script New Rules?

    Hello Origin,
    Since GameForge is working on a new merges script and we are getting merges really soon according to the Danish Team Manager @ErikFyr . Could we take a look at the GB-Hit rules?
    In DK you can GB-Hit a ally mate and they can keep all the ressources, all of them!

    But here is the problem! When universes merge lot's of player "give away" their account in one of the universes getting merged, and the after the merge for some funny reasons these accounts always end up GB-hitting the other account, some things boosting the player 10-20 million points in one go!

    Would it be possible to make the rules the same as in .Org or .US where you can't keep the debri field ?

    Sincerely most of the Danish 1 account community.
  • This could be taken as an effort to make rules apply to every community. I've never understood how can rules and behaviours by CoMas be different in each community.

    I think that every community should stop pushing (and scrapping then commerce) all at once. I don't understand why the rules are different for example in spanish and english communities.

    Similar to the behaviour of CoMas, I've seen a “hacked” account be restored (i.e., resources given to the account to rebuild) while in other communities that's an absolute NO (not that this is a good thing, ideally the comas would be willing to help when an account has been “hacked”).

    Other different thing, I've seen shipyard queues be restored many times in some communities, while in others a lost queue wasn't restored.

    This is just in general.

    But apart from this, many other things could be discussed about mergers in case gameforge is open for suggestion. It's been already asked, but may be a solution for inactives, or may be removing banned and permavmode accounts (that are going to get lost anyways) in the universes that have huge number of inactives, and make those universes end universes rather than origin in the merger.

    Plus may be a decent talk about what to do with multiaccounts? Make push a NO GO, while leaving open having many accounts in the same server (in case two accounts of the same person end in the same universe, for example, etc.)

    Just a few ideas I leave here. Talking (and giving life to this board again) would be nice.