About the fleet actions from moon

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    • About the fleet actions from moon

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      Bug description
      • On which action did the bug appear: All fleet actions from moon
      • How does the bug show itself: If the fleet launched with "all deuterium" on a moon, the fleet action doesn't occur.
      • Screenshot to show the problem better (only if needed and please only upload the needed sections, not your whole desktop)
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      General data for the bughunt
      • OGame Version in which the bug appeared: 6.6.1

      In 6.6.1 version, if you load all the deut on the moon to the departing fleet, the fleet doesn't launched.

      "Fleet Launch Failure : The Fleet could not be launched. Please try again later." message appear.

      I manually load the deuterium as 1 less from the total deuterium (minus the consumption) on the moon. The fleet launches.

      For exact amounts :
      • 120 deuterium on the moon and try to send 1 Large Cargo to the planet.

        If i load 119 deuterium to the Large Cargo (1 is for consumption of the fleet), the fleet does not launched. The fleet action type does not matter.
        If i load 118 deuterium to the Large Cargo, the fleet launches.