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    • Active highscore

      I'm annoyed at having to look through hundreds of players to see what fleet they have and have to click on them to see if they're active.

      Having an additional high score separate to the Player / Alliance high score (there is a space for another icon) for only active players will help a lot!

      Either that, or remove the inactive players from the high score and if they do return, they get added back in when the I is removed.
    • Just solving the buggy situation with coloring in highscore.

      Either just show the color each player has in galaxy for you (i.e., cyan vmode, light gray inactive 7+, dark gray inactive +35, yellow honourable, white not honurable)... or correct what I thikn is the idea with this current highscore but it has never worked right:

      I think that the idea was to show in ranking: yellow active players, gray inactive or vmode players... but the implementation is buggy and it has never worked right.