Intergalactic Expedition (All informations)

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    • Intergalactic Expedition (All informations)

      As you well know at a certain stage of the game the search moves rise and become relatively expensive or even expensive.
      More expensive than the mines elsewhere and in order to boost the gains in shipping.

      Here I had in mind to put in the system of long-term shipping,
      which is to start a month-long expedition, quite simply.

      The purpose of the expedition will simply be to recover for example 1 level of search ("already paid") (but not completed)
      (it will just be 'unlock' in advance, on the tab of your technos)

      Obviously some prerequisites will be necessary before being able to make this kind of expedition, I mean by it a level
      of astrophysics quite high.

      The expedition will require at least every ship in the game, with of course the right amount of cargo for each ship.
      last a month in space:

      If at the end of 2 weeks you have to put yourself in vacation mode, there will be the possibility to cancel the expedition.
      and wait for the return of the fleet from the position where it was sent to your planet.
      a simple alert message will ask you to continue or canceling the cancellation to force the return of the immediate fleet.

      Of course gains from this cancelled expedition will be present resources or antimatter
      or ships only, like current expeditions. the cancellation of this long expedition will result in a strong chance of falling against pirates,
      so 70% to lose half the fleet and half the gains made so far.

      level required in astrophysics (19).

      it is impossible to launch this expedition via a moon.

      Uses 2 shipping slots.

      1 month total travel time. (without cancellation, without manual return)

      -pirates and aliens up to 70% if the shipment is cancelled.

      Requires every ship in the game.

      (the gains will be consequently with the time spent in expeditions.)

      consumption (x250)

      The research time of the unlocked technology will be to seek or FC to obtain it in its own technology levels.

      Once the expedition is complete, it returns directly to the starting planet from position 16 to your own launching position.
      with the winnings once usable in your account.

      100% of the total shipping time to unlock technology gains.

      15% of shipments will return late to your planet.

      it will be impossible to unlock the same level of technology twice in a row.

      if a search is in progress during the obtaining of a technological gain, it will be obligatorily different from the one in progress.
      and will never be a higher level than the current one.

      In the case of a one-month expedition, there will be several possibilities of profit:

      (the duration to get the best winnings will be 1 month, total shipping)
      it will not be possible to obtain a technology level in 2 or 3 weeks of shipping with a cancellation.

      1 new level of technology (33.33%)
      3 maxi random gold boosters + (earnings doubled of a current expedition) (33.33%) or
      2 random officers of one week + (earnings doubled by a current expedition) (33.33%)

      In the case where for example 1 level of research is obtained it is obviously paid for,
      but the final research process will have to be initiated with the laboratories to complete the research completely.
      (the search time is not paid to him, it will be necessary either the fc with am, or to find it completely)

      In the calculation of the technology level gain, there is added a % chance:

      The highest levels of search levels in your account will be the hardest to get 20% chance
      The average levels between the highest and the lowest will be 35% of the odds.
      The lowest levels will be at 45% chance.

      the gains of his research will only be "useful long-term gambling research."
      except graviton.

      ? well, of course it's still just a suggestion
      with certainly big changes to make, or get it back.
      some ideas.