different Planettypes - new Position-system - a new way of terraforming

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    • different Planettypes - new Position-system - a new way of terraforming

      Danger! Veeery long Post incoming :saint: I need 2 Posts for this :D

      First, excuse me for the "bad" english. The original post is written in german and im not a geek in other languages. But in this case the idea is not so easy to explain and so i decided to translate it myself. Some vocalbulars are from the google translator, hope you understand it. But i have a problem with it only post the original idea in german here and put the whole text in the translator... the result is not so good ;) So when someone have heavy problems with my own translation, please extract the problem-parts from the original post and translate it with google translater or something other.

      Original Post from the DE-Board:
      unterschiedliche Planetenarten (Idee aus dem Jahr 2006 - aufgefrischt), neue Art des Terraforming

      Hello Guys,
      Ogame is allready a few years old and especially in the first years the Suggestion-Part (in the DE-Board) was very active because the game needs to mature. Today the Game is in the core finished. Clear, there are some construction sites like "a better tutorial" or "fewer fuel comsumption for hyperspace-recycler and bomber" which are demanded since a long time (only know the german board side;) ). So looking to this i have no idea if the following idea is to "complicated" or change the gameplay of Ogame too much. But thats not a point for me to hide this idea because looking back in my long ogame-history over 10 years its my best prepared idea ever. And i dont stop to hope that we can improve this game in the long term.
      Despite the "simplicity" of Ogame I am (as a big Fan of stratagy-games) someone who wants a lot of possibilites to adapt my account in a special way. During my investigation - if my idea exist in an older post - i found a very old thread where the core of my idea is the same and this old idea created a long discussion. The following Suggestion is also an "Remake" if this old idea, extract much things from 2006 and put my own imagination-power in.
      So the question is, how wanted is this type of idea, and when yes, how we can implement this in the actual version of Ogame.
      Further I will add some own ideas to round off the old idea.

      ps.: I know that lots of ideas will reject because someone think its to complicated for new users to understand the new system. Im not a fan of this statement because out there there exist a lot of games without profundity and so i think we need some variety for the Ogame-professionals, some system they can use in the late game and try to find there own way to play. And in this case, the game wouldn´t be "unplayable" when you ignore the new system. Further we can write a right tutorial or ingame-wiki for everyone ;)

      In ogame there exist a lot of planet-types but today they only have an optic part in this game (background at Ressources/Facilities and some pictures in the galaxies)

      The Idea is to give the different planet-types own positive and negative effects to give the game a new strategy-grade

      Here is the thread to the ground-zero of the idea (german):

      Planetenarten mit unterschiedlichen Eigenschaften

      In the following i take a lot from this thread and should the situation arise chance some values or type a "comment" to the original idea.

      primarily idea --- system 1:
      additional to the fields number and the temperature of the acutal colonization-system there will determine an planet-type for every colonization by chance.

      own idea --- system 2:
      The old system of fields/temperature according to the positions in a solar-system we discard and its planed that this only depends on the planet type. A key, which planet type you can find on which position is down the post. Actually i have no exact suggestions what planet type get what field numbers and temperature but we maybe can lean it rough to the old system.

      Theoretically the system works so that only the planet types decides, how much fields a new planet will have. With the Position 1-15 you have only a way to direct to your wish-planet-type. --- I think this system2 is so much better then system 1 because in the original idea some of the planet effects going to be over powered (OP) when you combine it with the right position. And Further i think ist not so "realistic" to find a waterplanet with 250°C on position 1 ;)

      last informations:
      the values are only examples and i only want to show ways of adaptions we can use. When we decided to take this idea we need to discuss what planet-type needs which positive and which negetaive effects.
      So Thats not written in stone!!!

      please ignore some formatting errors, in the german board i get some problems...maybe to much symbols.


      Earth-like-planets have oceans, continents and an earth-like climate. They be amongst to the habitable planet-arts and have some complexe ecosystems.

      "normal" Planet, no special effects
      A desert-planet have not much water and so there exist not so much clouds in the atmosphere. This push up the energy production. The landscape have no much details so there is enough space for special experiments and this push up the research-time. But sand storms are a problem and so its not easy to build a good infrastracture.

      - energy production of solar power plants and satelites +10%- research time -10%- build time for buildings +25%
      - deuterium production -10%

      - in the original idea there was only the solar power plant planed to push up. Dont know, if this is so good so i decided to take the satelites too.- in the german board there come me to mind that the build time for structures is not so important in the late game (a nani-factory reduce the time half) so we are free to push up this rate to high points (like 100% or more)- the deuterium production depends on the temperature, so here first you look, whats the temperature -> deut production -> then subtract 10%

      A vulcano-planet have a heavy instabil surface area and is filled with lots of vulcanoes. The high presure- and heatconditions push up the forming of crystals. The atmosphere filled with ash is so opaque that its very difficult to get energy through solar panels and further its not easy to start new ships.

      - crystall production +20%- build time for ships + 25%- energy production of solar power plants and satelites - 50%
      - for the vulcano-planet we need a special negative effect to reduce the OP-crystall production (maybe fewer field numbers)

      Ice-planets have allready a big ice-layer on the surface area. So its very difficult to build structures here. Further its very difficult to find hidden Ressources in the down - stored caves.

      - build time for structures +20%- round-limit for fights is 4 round and not 6 roundsown idea:
      - more hidden ressources: max + 15%

      - This idea maybe influence the gameplay too much and so i mark it with "questionable"

      a jungle-planet have in the main part lots of dense forests. Here its easy to hide defend - platformes and so you dont lose so much defense in a fight. But the inhospitable area causes a longer build rate for this.
      Additional to that the population decides to build some structures with a few wood and so the build cost is reduced.

      - build time für defense + 50%- repaired defense +5%- reduce metal-cost of all structures -10%
      - i think the jungle-planet is OP in this form so here we need a good idea for a negative effect
      Look at the point-system you need to count the points of this "reduced structures" like you pay the full price- i like the idea to reduce specific parts of some ressources but we need to discuss the way to count the points ;)

      dead planets:
      A dead planet have no vegetation or signs of life and is made in the first way of metal. He has a very cold core and so its very easy to dig in lower layers to get the good metal.
      This planet-type have no atmosphere and so you can only find water in the planet and not on the surface area.

      - metal production +25%- you can store more Ressources +15%- energy-production +20%
      - deuterium production -50%

      - the normal value for "deut-production" stand on -20% and have no extra energy-production. I decided to put it in with a look to the descrition but we need to discuss it later if its too much ;)

      Please wait till i post the second part!

    • water-planet:
      This Planets have for 80-90% an water surface area. There exist a few number of island and so you have not very much place to build.
      The high part of Water push up the deuterium substance. With using the hydro-power you can push the normal extraction of metal and crystal.

      deuterium production +15%met and crystal production +5%fusion power plant +10%, only 2/3 deuterium costfield number -20 (this is an idea for the system 1 - with system 2 we need a complete new field-system for all planets - depends on the postion-key down here you can find very often an "waterplanet". If we use System 1 its VERY OP to find with luck a water planet with 200 or more fields. So here we need to change the field numbers in a heavy way (like start with 20 fields and every terraformer-step bring us 15 and not 5 fields) or you find a new way to balance this type.

      The Chance to find a special Planet-type would work with this key:

      50% vulcan / 30% desert / 10% jungle / 4% dead / 4% earth / 1% water / 1% ice
      40% desert / 30% vulcan / 20% jungle / 4% dead / 3% earth / 2% water / 1% ice
      50% jungle / 20% desert / 10% vulcan / 9% earth / 7% dead / 3% water / 1% ice
      55% earth / 30% jungle / 4% desert / 4% vulcan / 3% dead / 2% water / 2% ice
      50% earth / 25% desert / 10% vulcan / 5% water / 4% jungle / 3% dead / 3% ice
      40% earth / 30% vulcan / 15% desert / 5% jungle / 5% water / 2% dead / 3% ice
      50% desert / 20% earth / 10% vulcan / 6% jungle / 7% tot / 4% water / 3% ice
      40% vulcan / 10% earth / 10% desert / 10% ice / 9% water / 7% jungle / 4% dead
      30% dead / 20% ice / 10% earth / 15% vulcan / 5% jungle / 5% desert / 5% water
      10% desert / 30% ice / 10% vulcan / 35% dead / 4% jungle / 6% earth / 5% water
      8% desert / 30% ice / 9% vulcan / 44% dead / 2% earth / 1% jungle / 6% water
      30% water / 30% ice / 10% desert / 7% vulcan / 20% dead / 2% earth / 1% jungle
      35% water / 40% ice / 5% desert / 10% vulcan / 8% dead / 1% earth / 1% jungle
      25% water / 50% ice / 15% desert / 5% vulcan / 3% dead / 1% earth / 1% jungle
      60% ice / 20% water / 5% desert / 10% vulcan / 3% dead / 1% earth / 1% jungle
      70% ice / 10% water / 10% dead / 5% vulcan / 2% desert / 2% earth / 1% jungle

      So now the question is, is it good that this system only depends from a chance?

      So the idea is that we create a new "terraforming-system"

      With special high-end Research you can transform a planet type in another one. Here you have a link on the Overview next to the "resettle"-function. There you can see your planet type (with effects) and the possibity to choose another Planet-type (showing the effect-differents). When you klick "start Terraforming" you get a qustion, if you really want it (like it when you want to give up a colony).

      What you understand as "high-end-Research" we need to discuss. I think this type of Terraforming needs much more energy then a death-star. And further i play only in 2x economy-speed or more so in 1x speed maybe its to difficult to reach it.


      Terraformer over 6
      energy-tech 16
      Laser-tech 18
      graviton-tech 2

      50.000.000 metal
      40.000.000 crystal
      10.000.000 deuterium

      During the transforming-process your planet only produce 20% Ressources and you cant build structures, ships or defense!
      The Process needs every time 72h (maybe push up to 1 week) and not depends on the eco-speed!!

      So thats a way you can switch you planet-types in the late-game without replace/give up your structures.


      How we can put this in older Servers?

      I would suggest that all planets switch to the earth-planet-type and every account get maybe 5 or 6 transforing-processes for free (and instant).
      When you have a full placed planet with a lot of structures and want a planet type with fewer field-numbers you are free to decide what structures you want to reduce.

      expected effects of the idea:
      - we get a heavy swaying ressource market, depends on the fact that maybe one player only plays with vulcan-planets and want to play as a crystal-trader.... how OP is this or maybe its the new way to decide, what player type i want to play?
      - i dont know how far this idea change the using of the resettle-DM-feature. I only use the officers and thats all so maybe here can another guy say how far this "kill" some money for the GF

      Whats my target with this idea?
      Like i write in the Forword i want to bring the game a new strategy-grade and possibilty to chance the way you can play the game. Just as a miner the lategame is very... boring. Collect, build a mine and save. Thats all. With this maybe we get a new way and MORE ways to play the game. And thats good for all players.
      So why not? The idea only use existing and "easy" ways to program this so we only need to discuss the rest^^

      I would feel great if we can discuss this in a long way.

      ps.: please no unproductive Posts like "The GF will not install this anyway" :rolleyes:

      Thanks for reading
    • Hi and welcome.
      As you can see here --> Production Bonus based on Planet Type and here -->New planets, new environments and graphic enhancement , also from italian community arrived ideas to have more differents in planet, more that only size and energy/deuterium

      Your propose with these effect is very interesting for me (and i prefer left version), but I don't like your second part where you think to permit to choose planet by terraformer .
      In my opinion or terraformer will continue to work as now, or could have only the effect to reduce/increase bonus/malus of special planets moving versus earth (normal planet); effect of reduce/increase depend by level:
      for example in a "dead" planet
      - metal production +25% (-2%*level)
      - you can store more Ressources +15% (-1,2%*level)
      - energy-production +20% (-1,6%*level)
      - deuterium production -50% (-4%*level)

      You said nothing about what will happen with relocation. For my idea could be interesting an partial change of bonus/malus; random your planet could continue to have all bonus/malus had in last position, or could lose one and acquired one of new position, etc.

      About old universe, my opinion is that new created planets will have new bonus/malus, instead existing planets will not change. Maybe at maximun Gameforge could offer N free relocation (with N = number of planets / 2).

    • TGWo wrote:

      In my opinion or terraformer will continue to work as now, or could have only the effect to reduce/increase bonus/malus of special planets moving versus earth (normal planet); effect of reduce/increase depend by level:
      for example in a "dead" planet
      - metal production +25% (-2%*level)
      - you can store more Ressources +15% (-1,2%*level)
      - energy-production +20% (-1,6%*level)
      - deuterium production -50% (-4%*level)
      The Possibility to switch you planet type is one of the core of my idea.
      When you look at the actual gameplay of ogame, you can plan your colonizations and your way to build it but today there exist tables and incstructions how you build up economically a miner-acc or a fleeter-acc. So every player takes the same way to play (in a rough way).

      Often you only play one account, sometimes over years. When we have the new system and you start as a newcomer i think you are not able (or have problems) to decide what planet type is good for you and what you want to play in the late-game. So we need a way to adjust the account. What is when you play the first year as a miner and later you want to play as a fleeter and want to use the special planets for this? Should we really live with it and when not... that will be a reason for me to kill this account and go in another server. And thats not what we want.
      Further maybe its "unfair" that a professional fleeter knows this at the server-start and a newcomer dont. Thats why i decide for this terraformer-idea.

      TGWo wrote:

      You said nothing about what will happen with relocation. For my idea could be interesting an partial change of bonus/malus; random your planet could continue to have all bonus/malus had in last position, or could lose one and acquired one of new position, etc.
      The relocation should work so that nothing will be switched, only the location. When you start to change bonus/malus of the same type you push up the pay-to-win way that guys with a lot of DM can use the relocation very often and do this until they find such a better planet.