Version 6.6.1

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    • Version 6.6.1

      Dear Players,

      on Monday, December 11th, we will update the testservers to Version 6.6.1.
      Changelog for this version:

      [Bugfix] Sending a slow attack first and a faster attack in second place now doesn't bug the bashing notification. Both attacks will count towards bashing in the notification system.
      [Bugfix] 100% moon destuction now works as intended.
      [Bugfix] Production Boosters (Items) don't show an energy bonus anymore in the ressource settings.
      [Bugfix] Special characters can't be entered anymore in alliance names and tags. Existing ones will be replaced with spaces.
      [Bugfix] Events will start and end at local/servertime again and not german time.

      [Feature] The bashing limit and espioange cargo space will now be shown in serverdata.xml

      Origin Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief