Another way to make the game a bit more social

    • Alliance and Player Interaction

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    • Another way to make the game a bit more social

      This one is very simple. Make it so you can donate one friendship point to every member of your alliance every day. Just add a new button next to every player in the alliance member list.

      I was also thinking that you could maybe add another feature to donate a few ships every day based on your actual score to a weaker member.

      This again is not meant to change the gameplay but to increase the cohesion of the alliance so they feel that are part of something.
    • Good idea, high level for the compactness of the social life of the alliance, but at the same time keep the score low to make the enemy understand that you are not really compact or active..... this is also a way to make strategy inside the game and for keep active. It would be a good social study to show positive or to make something believe for a enemies.
      I suggest, like the board, to have a chance to give one like or one dislike daily for Alliance.
    • about first: and what will be in your head utility of friendship point

      about second: with the actual rules, that is pushing. There is no need to gift ships, when you can offer resources and leave member to use how they prefer or need ........... but actual rules say that only high members can donate resource at lower members and not viceversa.

      personally I always thought about the possibility to change rules about exchange internally at ally in particular situation.

    • I said to donate to a weaker member,it is not pushing. And like the friendship points should be a free donation and the ships could be placed in the inventory so you can activate them on any planet when you are online (this could be a potential ninja tactic if I think better). Anyway, I think the first one would be enough and easier to implement.
      You can buy 10% boosters for 1 day with fp. Right now fp I think it is a redundant feature in the game,this could make them a bit usefull. And as I said, I think it is a change for the social aspect of the game. Being able to get back some of the ships after being crashed has done the job of making recovery easier. I don't think making it even easier or giving more resources to weaker players is the way to go if we want to keep more players in the game. All those solutions are focusing on the score. And even if you give 100% ships and resources back to a crashed player they will still stay behind. Some people are simply better at the game. What I want to see is a diversification of the goals you can have ,not just getting to the top. One example is the alliance level based on expeditions that I presented in my previous post.
    • 20ish buttons we have to click every day or someone gets their feelings hurt. ogame really makes you work for everything.

      ingame trans works well. its easy to trans to noobs when they're on. it teaches them best trading practices: setting a time and place when res will land.

      i was tinkering with a similar idea to this:
      add like button to ingame messages and CRs.

      at end of every week, for each 'like' you got you gain reputation based on the other player's rep, divided by how many likes they gave out that week. so a high rep player that gives 1 like a week is giving a lot of rep, but if you spam likes its less valuable.

      rep is based on total points and likes received.

      the point is if you make great circulars or crs and get likes, you gain some kind of popularity points.

      but the whole thing sounds like a lot of drama and button pushing!
      Dor - Cygnus - En