Get rid of the Chat, promote Discord instead.

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    • Get rid of the Chat, promote Discord instead.

      The chat was a pain in the ass from the beginning. This thing is not just unpleasant to use but also seems to cause a lot of lag.
      Instead of trying to make it more user friendly and solving the performance issues, just promote Discord

      You are wasting way too much ressources on that thing which could be used for way more useful features.
    • i posted a set of suggestions in my wishlist thread to make the messaging system faster and easier to use.

      you may've noticed deleting messages speeds things up. i dont like doign this. sometimes i delete transport and other tab when i havent done any trades. i share CRs and reuse spy data. you have to delete all at once, you cant save the ones from last 24 hours so i never do it because i need my recent messages.
      Dor - Cygnus - En
    • ErikFyr wrote:

      I don't think they will promote Discord because they don't own the servers, it will also be more difficult to do something if someone insults you. The chat might not be perfect right now but hopefully developers will improve it with time :)
      I mean they are working on that thing for 2.5 Years now(maybe even longer). Its 2017 and we are talking about a Chat for crying out loud. I have no faith whatsoever that they will be able to improve it
      Other games promote their Discord aswell, some have their own Servers and some promote the unofficial Discords run by fans.

      It is not difficult to do something if someone insults you. You rightclick and ignore them
    • Cut "will be able" and replace it with "run out of more important things to fix". From where does the need for promotion of other chat software arise? We choose our favourite one and thats it. I only use the ingame chat to write with strangers or non-ally players. And it does that job without any issues. Mind you I deactivated the chat bar, which I dont need anyway.

      Promoting discord will give a bad rep once data trading is discussed openly. And why would players put trust in foreign companies if there is a chat already integrated in the game?