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    • Round-based Uni

      Permanent Universe that completely resets every 6ish months.
      on reset everyone is a home planet again. each reset create a hall of fame based on final rankings, and(or) dole out medals. resets could be scheduled or decided programatically. eg too many players vmode too long, everyone gets a warning and eventually the reset time is set in place with a few days heads up. the round based game would be so fun. the players that keep joining new universes will like this better. The most points lost should have a medal. the receiver can choose to wear it proudly or not.

      [min and max round duration: 3-12 months. players' influence on reset weighed by their total points.]

      in conjunction:
      create new universes much slower.
      continue the gradual merging up of unis.
      Dor - Cygnus - En

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    • I don't think this is a real improve of Ogame, or a solution for the few players in universe.
      But at same time, maybe it could be a particular setting that find players like it.

      So good idea to create a new universe with this setting (as it is possible to have different speed, different debris, etc).

      I think that no everyone like reset and to be forced to restart from 0, but exist also who like the start fases, and maybe the hall of fame or to receive a medal (or DM, or other) is a good motive to play for a part of players

    • Create universes much slower could easily be done by just creating one for each speed a year, one x1, one x2, one x4, and may be one wildcard special universe. And all of them with relatively high speed x3eco for x1 fleetspeed, x4eco for x2, x5 or x6eco (for x4 fleetspeed), and great percentage of ships to debris: this make quite easily for a fast paced growth.

      And all of them could then be merged after one or two years, into the “bigger universes” that could also be x1, x2, x4, with slower economies x1, x2, x4 respectively, and just 30% debris. That way the start is incentived and all the accounts end in the same final universes (which its main idea is to just keep accounts there, rather than make them the most interesting universes). Those end universes should definitely have slower deuterium consumption :P


      That said, I like this proposal. I think it should be fine tuned so that there's something at the end of those “rounds”. What could be that “price”, I don't know. But starting from 0 is not something everyone likes, I personally think that the fun is between 10M–80M points or around that. So I would like rounds that let people play those levels that to some might be more appealing.
      May be each round makes all accounts start with 10M points more in undestructible buildings and researches, that way after one year all the accounts start having 20–40M points, after two years accounts start from 80M or so, and then it tops to 100M, I don't know.

      But nice to see ideas.

      Now we only need some people from the game to actually see your suggestion :D