Deuterium sensor

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    • Deuterium sensor

      Hi everyone,
      I've tried the combat ships, now I try a civilian ship loool

      New spacecraft: Deuterium sensor
      The Universe contains, in many places, deuterium in its free state. The deuterium sensor allows this deuterium to be collected in space, and transferred to the surface.

      In practice, it is a small probe sent into space, orbiting the planet, in the manner of a solar satellite. In addition, like the solar satellite, it can be destroyed. However, unlike the solar satellite that produces more or less energy depending on its distance from the sun, the deuterium sensor would harvest a fixed amount of deuterium. This is due to the constant temperature in the Universe.

      The production of the deuterium sensor is also affected by the level of plasma technology.

      Production 13

      Shipyard 4
      Hyperspace technology 3

      Structure Points 3400
      Shield Power 1
      Attack value
      speed 0
      Freight capacity 0
      Fuel consumption 0

      idem as solar satellite

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    • adding a new unit isn't easy. you can achieve the same effect by making excess energy convert to deut (at a poor rate). turtles would be buffed. the sat crashing would be epic. I don't like that hot planets could make more deut from this. though at least in a different way than cold planets. [hot planets need a buff, though there's simpler fixes than this.]
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