Heavy Battlecruiser - Behemoth

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    • Heavy Battlecruiser - Behemoth

      Hi everyone,
      Here is an idea for a new vessel: The Behemoth

      Military scientists, over the years have discovered new applications for their technology. Their need to always outperform their opponents has allowed them to create one of the flagship of their fleets, a new heavy ship, very effective against enemy heavy fleets, the behemoth. This vessel specializes in hunting heavy vessels.

      This idea of a ship came to me because of the battlecruiser, a ship that I appreciate very much. The tracker is a vessel with an RF on all light or medium vessels. As for the Behemoth, I thought that we could have the same kind of ship, but for heavy vessels.

      Space Shuttle: 9
      Hyperspace technology: 7
      Laser technology: 13
      Hyperspace Propulsion: 6

      Metal: 45000
      Crystal: 55000
      Deuterium: 17000

      Structure points: 100.000
      Shield Power: 450
      Attack value: 1100
      Speed: 9000
      Freight capacity: 750 units
      Fuel consumption: 250

      Rapidfire vs. Bombardier: 7
      Rapidfire against Destructor: 4

      P.S: since I made suggestions for new defenses, one had to make one for the vessels loool

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