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      ====What is a Dyson Shroud====
      A dyson shroud is a hypothetical super network of satellites and structures that swarm around a star absorbing energy for use. A Dyson Sphere is an all encompassing version but improbable to build while a shroud of satellites is totally viable.

      Dyson Shroud is new planet type with it's own structures that is colonized at slot 0 at the system's star.
      The Dyson Shroud would specialize in energy for your planets in addition to research empowerment.
      To Colonize, you would send a Deathstar on a Colonization mission which consumes the deathstar.
      Any resources would be deployed on the planet as a normal colonization mission would.

      Used to reduce research times at higher levels by a significant amount.
      Used to mitigate the solar satellite cost on each planet by moving them to the Dyson Shroud increasing effeciency.

      ====What it doesn't do====
      It does not remove the need for energy on planets. It only amplifies existing energy on planets.
      It does not replace moons in any way. They act like planets through and through.

      ====Why should I want them====
      Miners can upgrade mines higher with the bonus energy.
      Fleeters can save resources for fleeting instead of rebuilding sats frequently.
      All Players benefit from reduced research times for combat techs, drive techs, and plasma or espionage at high ranks.
      Since they lack moon capabilities crashing sats here would provide a tactical advantage in war by limiting a players income.
      Additionally, at high levels a lot of satellites are required so crashing them yields high crystal rewards.
      Star Temperature: 500c to 700c; Influences Satellites
      Star Size: 1,000,000 km to 1,000,000,000 km; no effect.
      Slots: 1 [upgrade by facility]
      Dyson Shroud Foundation -> Increases structure slots like a Lunar Base
      Energy Transfer Array -> Provides all planets with energy.
      Hyperspace Research Array -> Increases research speed like a nanite factory does.
      Robotics Facility
      Missile Silo
      Space Dock

      ====Energy Array, in Depth====

      Each planets in your empire benefits from a Dyson shroud regardless of location in the universe.
      The benefits are split between all planets.
      Note: Planet slots are limited and high levels [10+] are both expensive and costly thus unreasonable.
      The Dyson Shroud Energy Transfer Array provides bonus energy at a percentage equal to 'level^2 + 5%'
      Level Energy Output
      LevelEnergy Output

      For each planet, the energy bonus per planet is '"EnergyArrayLevel"% + (EnergyOutput / NumberOfPlanets)'

      PlanetsBonus at 5 Energy TransferBonus at 10 Energy Transfer

      ====Hyperspace Research Array, in Depth====

      The Hyperspace Research Array provides your empire with faster research times but not costs.
      Each level reduces the overal research time by the following: 'Time / (EffectiveLabLevel * 2^(AllHRA/3))'
      All HRA represents HRA from ALL Shrouds.
      Comparison between HRA and Nanite [Each 3 HRA = 1 Nanite in time]

      HRATime Mult<==>NaniteTime Mult

      =====COSTS and REQUIREMENTS=====

      Colonization of Slot 0
      -Astrotech 11 [+1 extra at 15 and 19 for max Dyson Shrouds of 3]
      -Graviton 1
      -1x Deathstar [Colonize Mission using a Deathstar <only available at slot 0>]; Deathstar is lost.

      Dyson Shroud Foundation
      -Graviton 1
      -40k Metal, 40k Crystal, 20k Deut, 6 Hours [doubles each level]
      -Provides 3 Bonus Slots for construction.

      Energy Transfer Array
      -Graviton 1
      -Dyson Shroud Foundation 1
      -Energy Tech 8 [increases by 1 per level]
      -Hyperspace Tech 8
      -2,500 Energy Persistently [increases by a factor of 1.5 each level]
      -10k Metal, 60k Crystal, 20k Deut, 6 Hours; [doubles each level]

      Hyperspace Research Array
      -Graviton 2
      -Dyson Shroud Foundation 1
      -Energy Tech 8
      -Hyperspace Tech 10
      -2,500 Energy, as build requirement only [increases by a factor of 1.5 each level]
      -500k Metal, 250k Crystal, 50k Deut, 6 hours; [doubles each level]


      • Number of Dyson Shrouds would be separate from Planet limits.
      • You can only place a dyson shroud in a system you own one planet in.
      • You cannot relocate or abandon the last planet in that system without abandoning the Dyson Shroud first.
      • Dyson Shrouds act as planets when it comes to phalanx.
      • Dyson Shrouds use destroyed planet mechanics for recolonization purposes.
      • Cannot have a moon.

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    • Absolutely incredible!

      This is probably the best original idea for the game since the battle cruiser or Plasma Tech for mine increases.

      I love that you have this exceptionally well thought out, laying out all the mechanics with the pros, cons, limitations and benefits. It also seems very well balanced to benefit both miners and fleeters which is a very tall order.

      I also see use of some of the "useless" techs at higher than normal level and I've always loved that concept...no research should really have a level where it becomes meaningless.
    • I think this system is too much complicated.

      About increase efficients of solar satellite , I'm not sure if in gameplay it is a good thing. Easy that if you watch only your planet, you are happy that you have more energy, less satellite and so less risk of attack .......... maybe situation change if you are spying around and searching someone to attack.

      In any case, increase production of energy could be possible using existing researchs or new researches, or new build .......... so more easy that to build a new special planet and to image that energy move from a planet for an other.

      About problem of time of research, this is a real problem, that anyplayer should want to resolve. Atm exist a function ith DM that reduce time, and so could be hard to hope that GameForge add other free way.
      At same time, sound useful to change something to increase efficient of laboratory. But also in thisa case, personally I think that the way proposed is too much complicated and strange. Better to work about change existing function, new building, other way that could linked with a collaboration between member of same ally, etc

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    • Bella TG vedo che il tuo inglese fa cagare assai.

      I didn't read anything about your idea. The only thing i want to say is: ogame is a game based on military's strategy or only on costs of production and so on?

      Maybe you should have some idea on a new type of fleet or something that could renew the game under that aspect.
      If you have to complete a long time research you will always use DM.

      Ciá TG.