Revitalize existing universes

    • Acquire and obtain players

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    • Revitalize existing universes

      Ideas about breathing life into existing universes instead of keep starting new ones. So what's needed is incentive.

      So here is the incentive package I'm thinking:
      1-Large amount of starter res like 3KK M 2KK C 1KK D so they catch up quickly. That's an advantage if you know someone playing but this is to be really attractive to new players.
      2-Larger DM starter. 35KK, 10 trades. This does two things. Helps players with trades when they don't know other players. Gets them use to using DM since it's so easy to use for trades. Early players don't have the fleet to move res for trades.
      3-Longer noob protection so they aren't overwhelmed with attacks and quit.

      Addressing the need for players can be also encouraged in game. Have a DM bonus for players who get someone to come play and they must stay to a set point level like 1KK points for the player who brought them to get the DM bonus. The DM bonus should be worthwhile like 35KK, 10 trades.

      GF can promote via an email as usual and post to events board.
    • Are the KK really intended as in 1000*1000=1 million? 35 million in DM equals 10,000 trades..Way over the top.
      And a longer noob protection will make players take even longer to start learning how to fleet save. Some people need to be crashed early on to get an incentive to save. Others do not learn at all unless taught by another player or the tutorial.
    • 35 million DM is what, $3500 USD? That's a significant amount to give a new player, even in an established uni. Something like that would likely just lead to multi-accounting, where players create a new account just to use the DM for trades/pushing. I'm sure more creative people could think of other ways to abuse that feature alone.
      I can see extending new player protection as a mixed-blessing as well, as was previously stated. I think ideally, the tutorial should be more extensive. It should include an elaborate explanation of fleet saving and phalanx. I can't tell you how many times players come to me saying someone cheated because they were able to see exactly when a fleet returned to planet.

      GA -,
    • Bonus starting res for each day you start late works because it never catches up to what you can make by playing normally from start. might be abusable, but could always put the bonus straight into mine levels and some solar. It's also _not necessary_ because ogame isnt super competitive skillwise. its about outlasting and always _logging in_. Plus its easy to ask for res : )

      Giving a jumpstart of res might boost universes for psychological reasons. i dont like starting late.

      and back to the con side: ive read players saying they start late on purpose to make their early growth easier. due to more inactives and stronger noob protection. If you start less than a month late, dont give bonus res.
      Dor - Cygnus - En

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    • An admiral (the guy that acts like 2-3 levels of computertech) after building the first small cargos might be nice. In an old universe the inactives can make up for 10-20 times ones own production and the available fleet slots are the limiting factor of growth. One week could be nice and one month (=9,000 DM) would not be over the top either.
      Or make the newbie choose between admiral and geologist for those who don't like to farm inactives. Well, 35,000 DM would also give this choice and might be more flexible ;)
    • This won't work, because Gameforge won't stop making new universes. New players want to be in a universe which they are all equal to each other at the start.

      You don't fix that with simply giving more starting resources and DM. Then Gameforce looses a lot of money because these new players don't buy items.
      Sorry to say, but Gameforce is a company who wants to make profit. If the choice was ours than ALL universes per country should be merged together in just ONE universe.

      Your idea also provokes a downside: Multi account cheating.