Consuming of fuel depending by size of planet

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    • Consuming of fuel depending by size of planet

      In my opinion, fuel consumption should depend on the size of the planet. The smaller planet has smaller gravity, which makes it easier to launch fleets and will cost less fuel. According to this, Fleet Save will be cheaper on moon than on the planet and it will be the next advantage of owning the moon. Base of the calculation of consuming fuel maybe mother planet (all mother planets have same diameter) and planets (or moons) with less or more diameter will be less or more consume of deuter, when fleet launching.
    • I found this idea interesting, aside from the RP view it change drastically the gamedesign of colonization.
      If the fuel consuption from leaving planets is well designed the Raiders/Fleeters will now try to get smaller planets. Rigth know raiders/fleeters just don't care about precise mechanics.
      So to make it interesting the consuption from moon should be correlated to the one from planets otherwise the effect on colonization would be nullified.

      Also it's a huge change in gameplay so i highly doubt it will be implemented.

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