Suggested uses for Laser and Graviton Technology.

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    • Suggested uses for Laser and Graviton Technology.

      Currently in OGame almost all researches give certain bonuses, encouraging players to level them up even after they've unlocked all ships, defences, buildings, etc.
      However, two researches are still useless at higher levels: Graviton Technology beyond level 1, and Laser Technology beyond level 12.
      Therefore, I suggest adding following bonuses to these two technologies:

      Laser Technology
      Each level after level 12 increases fuel efficiency of ships by 5% of the base value.
      Each ship has a base fuel efficiency of 100%; the fuel usage of the ship will be inversely proportional to it's fuel efficiency.
      For example: a ship with 120% fuel efficiency (Laser Tech 16) will use 1,2 times less deuterium than a ship with 100% fuel efficiency.

      Updated description of Laser Technology:
      Lasers (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) produce an intense, energy rich emission of coherent light. These devices can be used in all sorts of areas, including optical computers, heavy laser weapons, which effortlessly cut through armour technology and fusion reactors. The laser technology provides an important basis for research of other weapon technologies. Higher levels of laser technology allow to greatly increase efficiency of fusion reactors powering most ships, reducing the amount of deuterium needed to fuel them. Each level of laser technology beyond level 12 will increase base fuel efficiency of all ships by 5%.

      Graviton Technology
      Each level increases shield strength and speed of Death Stars by 10%.

      Updated description of Graviton Technology:
      A graviton is an elementary particle that is massless and has no cargo. It determines the gravitational power. By firing a concentrated load of gravitons, an artificial gravitational field can be constructed. Not unlike a black hole, it draws mass into itself. Thus it can destroy ships and even entire moons. To produce a sufficient amount of gravitons, huge amounts of energy are required, and the graviton cannon takes a huge amount of space - because of that only the largest ships in the Universe, the Death Stars are barely capable of utilizing it. Upgrading graviton technology allows for reducing the size and power consumption of the graviton cannon, leaving more space for engines and allowing for more energy to be used by shield generators during battle; therefore each level of Graviton Technology will increase shield strength and speed of Death Stars by 10% of the base value.
    • Hi,
      I ask you a question: Have you calculated the impact of speed of the RIP on universe with fleet speed 5x or superior?
      You would revolutionize the whole game!
      The numbers "%" are too high on both. Maybe laser technology can be useful but with more lower %.

      Have you tried to think about the advantages and disadvantages of your idea?
      Do you even increase the shield of RIP? =O =O

      To fleet long use the pilder!?!?
    • about gravitation, already gameforge have received a lot of ideas, so probably don't need other idea, or probably your idea is not new (more or less 2 years ago there was a specific contest from GameForge to have ideas about it .......... and there was a poll).

      In specific with your idea, personally i don't like your use of gravitation ........... increase shield and speed of rip change balance with other ships and defences; already rip is very stronge, to increase his military position don't sound a good idea.

      About laser, maybe could be an idea to decrease consumption of deuterium