In-game info about the deletion system

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    • In-game info about the deletion system


      I feel that we should make it more clear for players how the deletion system works, right now it seems like it's either a known information or we can read about it on Wiki.
      Some in-game info about how the deletion system works could be nice, sometimes there are players who don't know how it works so they take a long vacation for over a month and if they haven't bought DM, then they find out that their account has been deleted so they lose their progress that way and maybe we even lose them as players because of that :)
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    • This could be useless. Everyone knows that there is a very well know bug (which is there by more than 4 years) that delete your account, even if you have 1 or M.O. bought. A better idea could be fix this bug OR at least, send a notification 2 days before at your email ti prevent the delete Is It so difficult? We receive regularly notification by every GF's game.

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    • As far as I know that bug is fixed for a long time now if it ever existed, they have checked cases of deleted accounts where players claim that they had bought DM on it but each time they had no bought DM on it so it was deleted by the system as it should be :)

      A notification about inactivity could be nice too, I think it was suggested before and accepted so maybe we will see that in the future :)
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    • If you are proposing a warning message in game (in last 5 days), then this is useless, because in order to read it, the user should log in to the account, but if he will log in automatically, reset inactivity downtime.

      Instead could be useful to receive an email that notifies you that after x days, the account will be deleted. But I'm not sure if it is already so.

    • It would be very useful to implement an email service that tells the user what's happening in her account.
      Not only for the aspect of holiday mode but also for a security factor (theft account etc ...)
      Same mode when "someone" permanently delete the account, clicking the delete box in 7 days.

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