adjust recyclers fuel usage

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    • adjust recyclers fuel usage

      The request is simple, once you get Hyperspace Drive 15 the recycler fuel usage becomes a madness, it changes from 300 to 900, even if the speed changes from 2000 to 6000, the eficience that hyperspace drive description promises never comes because this:

      in a normal universe I have you would have your drives like this combustion 17, impulse 14 and hyperspace 15

      the consumtion formula is the next

      But if you know some maths, you will realize about the speed% is a parabola with his vertex on (-100,1) and this parabola will touch the Y axis on (fuel-usage*distance)/35000 + 1 and this point (0,1 + fuel-usage*distance/35000) is the minimal consumtion that any ship will have supousing it could aproach to 0% its speed and this point is important because your fleet saving gets more expensive

      cruisier consumtion teorical graph x=speed% y=deuterium consumtion

      speed now lets see what happens when the recycler increaces its fuel-usage, all the graphs were made with a distance of 20,000 or in other words a galaxy of distance

      white combustion
      blue impulse
      pink hyperspace

      diferents recyclers consumtion x=speed% y=deuterium consumtion

      Here we can see that if you want to have the same consumtion you must reduce the speed to 51% with impulse drive 17 or if you investigated hyperspace drive 15 you will have to reduce your speed to 24% and you will say ohh it must be fair if you increased the speed but if we see the graph of time:

      the formula to calculate flying time in seconds is the next

      T = (distance*10/speed)1/2**350000/speed%

      diferents recyclers flying times x=speed% y=time(seconds)

      Now if we take the 51% from impulse drive to have the same consumtion we have a flying time of 26000 seconds instead 20000 with combustion drive and now with hyperspace drive at 24% you will last 38000 seconds

      With this we can see that the eficience of recycler went to never come back.

      And now this is the point, what i purpose is to keep the fuel usage on 300 in the same way when you reach hyperspace drive 8 with the bomber and this one keeps on 1000 its fuel usage and this is why

      If we imagine we are on the universe of ogame we could see the size of every ship and in the same way in our world a beatle(recycler) doesnt speend the same gas than a war tank(destroyer) doesnt make sense we have almost the same fuel-usage on the game and if you put a more sofisticaded engine tecnology talking your fuel-usage should even decrease but for the reason it gets faster keep the fuel usage is enought