Version 6.4.3

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    • Version 6.4.3

      Dear Players,

      on friday we updated the testservers to Version 6.4.3.
      Changelog for this version:

      [Feature] Resource settings now visualize officer status
      [Improvement] Consistent Tutorial Icon behavior in mobile view (now like live view)
      [Bugfix] Activating V-Mode while Fleet impacts results sometimes in no Debris- and Wreckfield
      [Bugfix] Characters öäü are counted as 2 signs on standard fleets
      [Bugfix] Phalanx / Fleet movement: Tooltip overlapping for moon icon.The tooltip for the moon icon overlaped with another tooltip at phalanx and also at fleet movement.
      [Bugfix] Deleted favorites messages don't get deleted although marked as deleted
      [Bugfix] Added errormessage for trying to open an alliancepage of an nonexisting alliance
      [Bugfix] Registration broke on 6.4.2-update

      Origin Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief