Version 6.4.2

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    • Version 6.4.2

      Dear Players,

      a few hours ago we updated the testservers to Version 6.4.2.
      Changelog for this version:

      [Bugfix] "Contact support" via Galaxy view is broken
      [Bugfix] Planet list: galaxy button in moon tootlip information links to planet galaxy
      [Bugfix] Icon for recruited buddy isn't inline with the name
      [Bugfix] Possible to register on new servers before it's opened
      [Bugfix] Mobile: Icons on mobile chatpage mixed/not displayed correctly
      The Icons infront of the message tabs were mixed and didn't show the correct images. Also when moving the mouse over them, they moved just sligthly.

      [Bugfix] Mobile: Alliance chat not pinned on top
      [Bugfix] Buildings with long buildtimes finish themself
      [Bugfix] Mobile: Mobile version still has "pillory button"
      [Bugfix] fleet duplication after using jump gate
      [Bugfix] Button to open chat on chatpage broken
      [Bugfix] Playercoordinates in playerlist of alliance not clickable anymore
      [Bugfix] Missing Loca on the vacation-mode indication in allianceuser/buddylist
      The (u) for "V-mode" is now localized

      [Bugfix] can't kick players from alliances
      [Bugfix] Application-ID gets displayed instead of Alliancename in applicationrejection
      [Bugfix] Online Indicator on player and buddylist broken
      [Bugfix] Trashbin in mobile view not loading
      [Bugfix] Wrong nickname in kicked message

      Origin Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief