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    • Research Expedition

      The cost of the technology quickly rising with the game becoming more expensive than the mines for some, here is a suggestion bound to the expeditions.

      It would be a new reward of expedition paying a level of technology (only the price not the duration)
      Of couse it would ask for an expedition longer than normal seen the reward and with a rate of low success.
      The earnings of the search would be fictitious, in case of cancellation, we win nothing. (No ressource)

      • Astrophysic 17
      • use 2 expedition slot
      • At least each one ship
      • Mission for one month ? (Not cancelling)

      • Technology : 33%
      • Item gold : 33%
      • AM/Officier : 33% (?)
    • The problem is just the other way around, not the price is a problem but the time a research takes is the problem.

      Further is it good when researches are more expensive than a mine, for the simple rason that a research is for the whole account while a mine is just for one planet.

      Btw ogame is for me a game of tactics, you are making a casino of it. You know that astro 21 for example is more than resources? Which means 1.000.000 points, would be too easy to get it this way.

      Sorry no support from me.

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