honor point balance suggest

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    • honor point balance suggest

      It seems clear to me that at this time the rule of honor points, at least at server start, only those who are extremely advantageous or who started off before others. I'll explain.

      Apart from the trivial rules of 50% more than the fleet or the 10 military points, to get honors, which are useless and I also explain why, I should attack one with more fleet of me when it has no fleet on the planet And I get honors, but I do not get much of it because of course the battle will not be very hot because the opponent does not have a fleet, so if I'm ok I take 100. wow : D: D: D: D

      Returning to the previous speech, as I said the rule of the 100 positions is a bit of a contradiction. Explain why: let's start from the case where the universe like mine has about a few months. From 200 to 300 military positions there are 9k points of difference army, from 100 to 200 there are 12k of difference. Now anyone who has experience in the simulation of the fight knows almost surely that these differences if they collide there is not a big margin of profit, if you can earn. Often at these low scoring differences you risk losing more than you earn, also because the battle effect of the defense (towers) is much greater than the effect of the ships (with the same spending resources for both). But back to the first page from 1 to 100 there are 100k of difference, the top 10 have more than twice the score of their honorable goal easier.

      Here comes the mad mistake made in the management of this rule. The question I pose to you is, as one of the top 10 in the standings, how to lose honor? Impossible in my view, all his honorable targets can not minimally defend themselves from an attack 2-3 times more than theirs, and their honor will continue to grow because there will be no chance of lowering that value unless it is so wise To do it deliberately.
      Now, said this simple example that creates a vicious circle able to bring virtually all but the top rankings to choose between miners + turtles (ignoring the bouts) and being banned, I act like a madman and I'm always fleet with fleet safety That if I did not defend, they pass and also clean up the resources of 8 hours of mines, because they take 100%.

      Instead of giving 100 positions because not 50% even for honors? For example, I have 50k military points I take honor points if I attack one with 50% more (75k) and one with 50% less (25k), if 50% is too good for 30%. It is also important that even those who are top ranked are clearly more points than others, is affected by this and is not free to play as he likes, without risking BECOME BANDIT
    • You suggest to make a fight honorable (+ honor points) if the target has at least 30% of your military points instead of the 50%, which are currently considered for an honorable fight?

      You should have 100 honorable targets (top 100) plus 249 honorable targets (all bandits except yourself) right now. So at least 149 targets in the worst case (100 players overlapping, i.e. all of top 100 are bandits).

      Hint: Last resort to get rid of negative honor points and the 100% loss when being attacked:
      Planned mutual attacks with light fighters with another bandit. Costly, but it gets the work done ;)

      Edit: One "solution" would be to just accept the bandit status. Didn't really matter much in the one year I had it (before we did the mutual LJ attacking to get rid of it).

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    • Honor points are the best gauge of projecting your power on equal opponents. All players get a chance to play the honor game. The 100 rank rule doesnt scale with server population and it doesnt need to. if youre down to 100 active players, targets are so important. It gracefully handles the ultimate battle of ultimate destiny.

      Now anyone who has experience in the simulation of the fight knows almost surely that these differences if they collide there is not a big margin of profit, if you can earn.

      why does point difference matter. i usually attack (raid) stronger players pointwise because they have big res and ship piles. If its fleeter vs fleeter and youre outgunned, thats hard but you can pick your battles and be smart. wait for enemy to slip up. (or just run like hell.)
      Dor - Cygnus - En

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    • scorer wrote:

      I think the first important change should be that it doesnt use the military points in acs but the position you would be with these military points. Acs in a dead universe is the kill of HP for rank 1

      That is the main point we should discuss on this suggestion.

      I guess that the main reason of the current system is admit that 5vs1 battle does not seem to be literally "honourable", but if 5 lower military players attack a higher one, it should be.