Version 6.4.0

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    • Version 6.4.0


      the public tests servers will be updated to version 6.4.0 today.

      changelog :
      [Feature Request] Alliance Chat
      [Feature Request] Indication of player status in buddy list + alliance member list
      [Bugs]Alliance Text Editor - More options button without function
      [Bugs]Charcounter on Alliancetexts isn't correct
      [Bugs]Alliance: Problem in Kick Reason Message
      [Bugs]Spoiler on the buddy request message is not working
      [Bugs]Messagecounter on Applications not functioning correctly
      [Bugs]Firefox: send buddy invite link only random possible
      [Bugs]Have unread message but no message visible (problem with alliance rank rights)
      [Bugs]IPad APP: Wrong trigger of no connection screen