Wormholes - Create more connections

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    • Wormholes - Create more connections

      Nowadays there are less players compared to the past, there are so many galaxies empty (ex. g5-g6-g7) with lonely players, there are players who relocate all their planets in remote galaxies (I like circular galaxies but probably is not enough) and so on.
      So my mind started thinking to a new way to create content and wake up players: wormholes.
      Basicaly wormholes are well related to space games and since Ogame is a space game... it sounds perfect.
      This is my idea:
      Wormholes appear randomly every 24 hours (they spawn and die at the relog) in position 17 (since 16 is taken by expeditions) and they connect a random system to another random system (ex: 1.1 with 3:100). Basicaly if you are in 1:1:5 and you want to attack 3:100:10 your flight time is: from 1:1:5 to 1:1:17 + 3:100:17 to 3:100:10. Wormholes can also be taken of course from people who are not in the wh system, their flight time will be: from 1:20:5 to 1:1:17 + 3:100:17 to 3:100:10. When you're going to take the wh before sending the fleet you will be told how much deu you'll need and when your fleet will return home, IF the wh "dies" before your fleet is back you'll be told that it will take a lot more for the return + deuterium cost higher.

      Thanks to this introduction players should keeping watching out after every relog if they have wh in system or next to. More action and content guaranted. More unexpected ninjas and ACS guaranted. More strategy added in the game. And lazy players in the middle of nothing have to check if they have whs near by.

      Feedbacks, thoughts and comments are much appreciated.

      My experience:
      I played ogame for 10 years, I'm still playing ogame nowadays, I was game operator for the italian community so I have seen "both sides" of the game. I think Ogame really needs something new to entartain and attract new players.

    • To be honest you're looking only at attackers, but for example you could use whs for ninjas, for transports. And if you know that a wh can pop wherever at the relog you should be careful if you already know that you can't check because you're sleeping.

      Maybe if you want to add a limit you can relate whs to the hyperspatial tecnology. For example every 4 levels of hyperspatial tecnology let you take a wh. So with Hyper tecnology 8 you can take a wh twice.

      To be honest I don't like limits so much but I understand that in speed servers whs can become too strong.

      Btw thanks for your feedback TGWo